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5 Common Myths About Hybrid Cars

The existing hybrid car myths are actually preventing most car buyers from buying this type of vehicles. Most of them would prefer to buy the conventional car and ignore some of the benefits that hybrid cars could offer as stated in most car advice. These myths are also among the most significant reasons why hybrid car sales are growing slowly. To give you an idea about the existing hybrid car myths, this article include some of the most common and these are the following.

1.Hybrids batteries require frequent replacement

The myth about the frequent battery replacements involved in hybrid car ownership is the most popular. Most critics state that these batteries are too expensive and the added cost of frequent battery change makes hybrid ownership impractical.

However, this concept is absolutely false. The batteries of hybrid cars are created to last for about 150,000 to 200,000 miles without any replacement. In order to prolong the batteries of a hybrid car its owner must take good care of it. There are actually a lot of ways on how to prolong the batterys life and some of the most effective methods to do these are included in most online car advice. In addition to this, hybrid car producers also sell battery replacement for their car models at relatively lower prices allowing you to reduce the expenses incurred.

2.Hybrids need outlets for charging

The speculation about the hybrid cars need for specialized electric outlets to charge is also a myth. The batteries of most hybrid cars are actually charged by the kinetic energy produced when the vehicle brakes. Besides this, hybrid cars are equipped with their own generators that charge the batteries when the car moves using the gasoline powered engine.

However, the popularity of all-electric vehicle (EV) somehow proved this criticism to be partly true. All-electric vehicles really need outlets for charging, but once the battery is full charged this can propel the car towards a specified distance before it gets drained. This estimated distance travelled using a fully charged battery is longer and is more practical compared to the fuel consumption of a conventional car if it is made to cover the same distance.

3.Hybrid cars are not powerful

Hybrid cars are actually more powerful compared to the conventional type since they have a dual source of power. A hybrid cars engine is usually similar to that of a gas-powered vehicle and the only difference is that the hybrids have electric motors that support the gasoline powered engine.

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