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A Beach Needs Protection from Storms, Spills

Beaches play a very important part in the ecology of wildlife and for people. The landscape around the beaches is protected by them from erosion. But they themselves need to be protected from erosion from wave action that can occur during a major storm like a hurricane. It is the responsibility of people to take action and make sure some sort of beach protection in there when storms and even oil spills happen. Some oil spill clean up companies are taking measures to prevent the beaches from being ruined when extreme events occur such as the installation of HESCO® Concertainer® units. These units are placed under the sand with a sand blower and act like an unseen wall that provides excellent beach protection. The defensive structures can be deployed within 20 minutes with only two people doing the entire installation. This is a cost effective way of providing protection for the shoreline and it also saves time, which can be so precious when there is a storm out in the Gulf of Mexico or an oil spill. Also, no special training is required to install the units. It is just a matter of unloading them, placing them and filling them with materials like sand, crushed rock or granular materials. The units stabilize the beaches by providing a solid core that will minimize damage from erosion, storms and oil spills. Clean up from oil spills is also made easier because the units can be filled with agents like Enviro Armour™ and then the oil can be turned into a solid and disposed of later on or recycled as a raw material. It then can be used as fuel, rubber or asphalt.

The units have been tested by the U.S. State Department and they have been used overseas in military campaigns.

They provide solid beach protection and have already proven how effective they are in Dauphin Island, AL, where the units are installed along the coastline.

Sterling Building Specialists (SBS) are one of the leading suppliers of HESCO® units and also provide the agent, Enviro Bond 403™. Along with Integrated Protection Systems, SBS is helping property owners, who need good beach protection, have a way of shoring up the beaches so they can remain functional in the aftermath of a storm or a spill.  For more information about beach protection, contact SBS by calling 800-605-6586 or logging on to
Sterling Building Specialists offers ways to protect beaches from storms, hydrocarbon spills and erosion. They can install flood sandbags or HESCO® Concertainers® Units along with the agent, Enviro-Armour™, to help protect beaches from oil slicks or loss of sand due to erosion or hurricanes. They work with Integrated Protection Systems, installing the units or sandbags where needed. In addition, Sterling Building Specialists works with speed and efficiency and are always environmentally sensitive, with a focus on protecting your property.

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