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Adhere To “ecological Public Welfare” Solar Rain “silly” Why – The Sun The Rain,

2008, the sun, rain Paralympic cheering group in the Paralympics, the Paralympic spirit cheer; in 2009, donated 10 million yuan, set up a new Energy The industry’s first charity fund?? Sun Rain charity fund, supporting and helping the disaster relief, public-spirited. Shanghai Expo 2010 event, once again hand the sun rain sun life CDPF Expo Center, Expo public achievements, the official expounds “Ecological Community” concept, “care for the environment, love life, people-oriented, reverence for nature,” the four ecological public welfare guidelines, call the world of the “Heaven” theme of the return of the city.

5 the night of 16 , Sun Rain passion Expo? Life sun line?? “My Dream” literary conference in Shanghai Majestic Theatre opened. World-renowned, award-winning China Disabled Art Troupe presented to all those who love “Avalokitesvara”, “Code of Life” and other wonderful classic performances. Party scene, CDPF Vice Lv Shiming partners personally love the sun rain sun rain flag is passed to the hands of the new Group Chairman Xu, from the Paralympic World Expo to complete some love to the continuation and docking.

Sun Rain to the China Disabled Art Troupe donated Tao Expo
5 the morning of 17, nearly a hundred love the rain the sun employees and distributors, with love T-shirt, group life and sunshine tour Expo Hall, the National Museum, and life in the Sunshine Pavilion at the Expo pictures taken. The recent April 28, officially signed on as the sun rain Expo 2010 Shanghai Sunshine Pavilion love life partner, officially unveiled the Expo stage in order to uphold the “ecological public welfare” stance, that a business of love and responsibility.

Banner to the sun the rain pass public
Addition, reporter found that the current solar energy enterprises in China Shanghai World Expo mostly choose to sponsor a pavilion, or exhibitors, or awarded in the form of a Hall device “shock” the Expo, the viewpoint of the basic product-Expo Marketing , Stay at the level of product applications, while China’s largest solar thermal company has chosen the rain the sun public butt Shanghai World Expo.

This, Sun Rain Group Chairman Xu New reflections: “public welfare, is continuing a long-term operation, not specifically designed for the Expo. From the company founding, more than ten years of life, love the rain the sun , continued to support the cause of persons with disabilities, in 2010 Shanghai World Expo this opportunity to usher in a form and a qualitative change; Expo as an ‘brand Olympics Will ‘, the study targets a brand of love, but also to explore and enhance the company’s real value there. “

Obsessed with “ecological public welfare” implies that the global low carbon economy the wind blowing at the moment, Energy Sodium emission reduction targets for the state and national actions, make solar and other renewable energy industries to meet an accelerated development opportunities. Sun Rain Group, China’s largest Solar water heaters Manufacturing and Sell Enterprises, 2010 1? In April, made up 125% year on year growth, market share has continued to maintain the first, less than half a year in 2010, the solar Water heater Sales will exceed 2009 full year total.

16 party scene, disabled Lv Shiming, vice chairman of Ensemble, Tai Lihua, head of staff to the sun, rain and distributors of love on behalf of 10 awarded the “Top Ten Public Star” award, most notably a female? ? Qinghai Sun Rain dealer Luo Qiao Hong. April 14, 2010, Yushu County, Qinghai Province, a major earthquake. Qinghai Sun Rain dealer rain the sun Qiao-Hong Luo charity funds entrusted to immediately organize a “solar shower solar Rescue Team,” a lot of emergency preparation for relief supplies, drove overnight from Xining, 25 hours, driving 871 km of the spiral mountain, through the elevation of 4842 m The Bayan Har, rushed to the worst-hit town in Yushu County Results, presented to the affected areas the sun fellow Rain Man’s a love. Then the rain the sun is more organized several charity events, consumers are favorable for Qinghai to realize the public and business interaction, and sustainable. Vice Chairman of China Disabled Persons Federation

Mr. Lv Shiming said when the award: “the sun rain solar public good, not just corporate behavior, has expanded to become employees, partners in a common love, a spontaneous action. by Sun Rain passion Expo?? Life Sunshine Tour this love scene, to thank them. “

Reporter found that with the rapid development of society, fossil energy consumption caused by the series of crises has become the most important issue of human social development. Concerned about the green economy, concern about low-carbon, sustainable and healthy development of models concerned, concerned about the harmony, has become a common topic worldwide. Thus, social responsibility is the fundamental enterprise development, enterprise Everlasting win is a magic weapon.

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