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Are You ready For A Hybrid Electirc Car?

These new cars are going to change people’s thinking about what they need in a car. The hybrids combine a gas engine with a huge battery and an electric motor. This combination really boosts gas mileage. In most of them such as the Toyota Prius, the electric motor powers the care at low speed and the gas engine kicks in at high speed. This gives them a mileage rating in the mid 30 range which is a heck of an improvement compared to the 15 mph I get with my 12 year old SUV. The Chevy Volt improves on its mileage even more by only using the electric motor for all trips under 40 miles. Over 40 miles the Volt’s gas engine starts and keeps the batteries charged on longer trips. It has not been rated by the EPA yet but I have seen estimates of over 150 mpg for short trips when the gas motor is not used. For longer trips it should come down to the mid 30?s. Since most people drive less than 40 miles a day, this sounds great. The Nissan Leaf is different still. It is an all electric car that has a range of about 78 miles between 7 hour charges. This would be great for most people, especially if they had two cars in the family and could have a longer range car as their second car.

Because these cars use so little gas, they are very environmentally friendly. They don’t produce a lot of carbon dioxide and other noxious gases that older generation cars did and they are very quite. These changes will have a wonderful long term impact on the environment. I was riding in a friend’s Toyota Prius last week and it was so quite that it took me awhile to get used to it. I’m looking forward to a future without so much automobile exhaust and engine noise.

The government is making it easier choose a new hybrid car or all electric car.

They provide tax incentives in the form of tax credits. Tax credits are the best because you deduct them from your normal tax bill at the end of the year. they are changing all the time, but as I write this you can get $ 3,000 back for buying a Mazda Tribute or Ford Escape. You can get $ 3,400 back if you buy a Mercury Milan or Ford Fusion. Check with your dealer to see what is available in your area.

Overall, the advantages of driving hybrid electric cars definitely outweigh some of the initial concerns, which include higher sticker price and repair fees should something break down. I think I’ve pretty much convinced myself that this is the kind of vehicle I’m going to buy next. Now I just have to settle on a particular make and model and go from there!

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