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As some Gas stoves Automatic flame failure protection device with the lack of a result of accidents that occur on May 1 this year, China has introduced a new “gas cookstove with a” national standard. In addition, starting from next January, the old standard gas stove will not be sold in the market, so experts advise planned new gas stove in the near future to replace the public the best selection of “new national standard” gas stove, so as to avoid unnecessary problems.

New mandatory installation of automatic flame failure device is learned that, compared with the old standards, new national standards in the main fire power, flame failure protection, environmental provisions and burner material, inspection rules of various proposals on the part of the product cooker safety and technical parameters were improved compared to the previous standard, some even higher than the revised parameters stove industry standards developed Western countries.

According to the China National Hardware Association Deputy Secretary-General Liu Runfeng introduced, compared to old standards, new national standards in safety, performance, and other aspects change more in line with the eating habits of Chinese consumers, consumer protection when in use security. These changes are mainly in all types of requirements are mandatory installation of automatic gas cooker flame failure protection devices, 2 and 2 above must have a kitchen gas stove eye of the heat load 3.5kW and standard state from the 0 to 15 , fire control parts of the burner should use the temperature higher than 700 of the materials.

New standard gas stoves Province 1 / 4 in addition to “flameout protection device”, the gas cooker is also a number of new indicators consumers should pay attention.

First, thermal efficiency, followed by the kitchen envious load problem.

First to know about thermal efficiency.

Million and Relevant technical staff told reporters, speaking on the stove, energy conservation implies the need to improve the thermal efficiency. This means that, at the same time, make a pot of boiling water, more heat efficient gas province, with a shorter time. With a thermal efficiency up to 63% of the stove, for example, than the ordinary gas stove by 26%, converted into ordinary-called “gas province” concept, the gas stove gas cooker on average than regular gas province, 1 / 4 .

It is understood that on May 1 this year implemented a new national standard gas stove, on the thermal efficiency requirements for embedded cooker no less than 50% of the desktop cooker no less than 55%, while in energy-saving environmental protection made a number of provisions, but more or technical, quality and safety aspects of entry-level requirement but established access standards, did not provide for energy efficiency standards; In addition, gas stove market is still in a confused, quality does not vary Qi stage, particularly in the third and fourth grade market, the situation in particular.

New Chinese cooking stoves more in tune with new kitchen envious load requirements increase. New standard provides that “two and two more to have a kitchen gas cooker eye of the heat load 3.5kW”, and in 1996 released the national standard burner gas stove heat load requirements with no less than 2.91kW than to improve a lot. Related cooker business that has been able to meet the requirements of earlier versions of the normal consumer use, new requirements are too high, no need. But the new standards related to persons interviewed by the media had said the fried and cooked in China mainly by the traditional eating habits, stoves should have a kitchen fire in the 3.5kW above the eye to adapt to the Chinese consumer cooking practices.

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