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China Mobile, “green Expo” Garden Construction “ecological Network”

HC Network Security ¬†Technology innovation and green Environmental protection The combination of the driving force, will accelerate the transformation of Shanghai’s economy, improve the industrial structure. China Mobile in the Expo area built in eco-mobile

Communicate Network, will be stirred in this world, “green technology wave” in microcosm.

Ecological mobile communication network, base stations, the relationship among energy-saving measures, like forests, trees and branches. The commitment to build Green Information Expo China Mobile, is the Expo ecological network this “forest” were created.

65 in the Expo area and room base stations, mobile applications, energy-saving measures in China totaled 791 times. If the base station on the “extra” built a huge thing like a helicopter propeller, can “feel” smart air conditioning hot and cold, deep in the ground “taking cold” ground source heat system … … “un” in sight to the green message fully demonstrate the concept of the Expo.

Build green message Expo, Shanghai is China Mobile

Company When the 10th anniversary of the establishment, in

Enterprise Responsibility Forum Published the “Green City Action 136” program commitments. Commitment to practice, show that China Mobile to build “ecological network”, in Energy Conservation

Technology Applications Energy conservation Thinking and management, as well as promoting environmental protection industry’s first exploration mode.

The “organizer” role of the lead environmental industry chain

“Green energy” is not a free lunch.

China Mobile decided to change their thinking, “I do from the state to become my own to do”, the first to face the “green investment” and the contrast between the energy output balance. “To look at energy conservation as an industry” in the energy saving on the adoption of a EMS (Energy Management System) mode, so that problem solved.

, For example, EMS model is the rental operators, such as a disguised way of lease or put to use equipment suppliers to provide energy-efficient equipment, and then with the equipment suppliers on the basis of the actual saving, were divided into two sides. 1000 yuan per month to use the original example, electricity, use energy-saving equipment, electricity less than 300 yuan from 300 yuan to operators took out 100 yuan for equipment manufacturers. This power-saving countries, and for less expensive for carriers, it also benefits for manufacturers, and a win-win situation in this form of environmental protection industry. Such a model, China Mobile Shanghai in 2010 will further promote.

In this process, China Mobile, the organizers played a role, different manufacturers of the technology in the “green base station” has been integrated application, achieved its maximum energy, land and materials and the promotion of environmental industry Development of a dual purpose.

Expo station’s “green smart factor”

Mobile communication base station Expo has “inherent” and “smart green factor”, because the base station construction in the early planning stage, China Mobile will have the full consideration of various energy saving measures into it.

Quaint 3 and 13, is one of the typical base station. 3, the top of the base station has a tall tower, the roof of the base station 13, there is a huge thing like a helicopter propeller. These peculiar facilities, in fact, represents the latest energy-saving environmental protection in China mobile technology. “Tall tower” internal hollow, is a variant of intelligent ventilation, its working principle is to use high-altitude thin cold air, pull up through the tower and let the natural distribution of heat within the room. “Giant propeller” for wind power generation, preliminary estimates of its peak power output can reach 3000W / h, the usual power-generating capacity in the 1000W / h ~ 3000W / h, with the roof installed solar power generator total of more than base station total power consumption of 1 / 3 or more base stations can be guaranteed within a day of self-illumination.

Addition to new energy sources such as wind and solar energy utilization, the time needed as much as possible to enjoy a cool indoor equipment “natural cooling” to reduce air-conditioning work is a mobile communications base stations, the Expo, another important energy-saving ideas. Such as smart air conditioning, “heat pipe” and the precision air supply, the three technologies together, not only with the base station can get “hot skills”, when the outdoor temperature is below or above room temperature 7 , the base station will be made Let air-conditioned “rest” from the “heat pipe” facilities to outside cold air flowing into the base station, and then through the central computer room precision air supply in a cold pool, the cold air inlet directly to the rack before the series reaction, in order to achieve saving the maximum efficiency, extend the service life of air conditioning.

In the World Expo site construction, China Mobile base stations only in the Expo’s energy saving devices, have invested more than 1,000 million yuan, the energy reduction measures covering five major areas, 33 Application of New Technology category breakdown . Expo area with most of the mobile communication base stations are also rooms with a number of energy-saving technologies and measures to achieve the total power consumption savings of 30% or more.

Base stations to facilitate the many future World Expo “green smart factor” was improved, further reducing energy consumption, China Mobile plans to build a World Expo site in energy management systems, the World Expo site base station and the engine room of all electricity , consumption, etc. unified collection, quantitative and qualitative analysis of base stations for better control energy consumption.

Addition to playing the role of energy conservation, the World Expo period, these energy-saving new technologies and new products, will also take the “enhance capability of independent innovation, promote the transformation of innovation” and “World Expo opportunity” in the Shanghai World Expo, the world’s attention the big stage, showing to the world focused on the promotion of new technologies to help them find more environmentally friendly “husband.”

Development services through the Green Expo experience

Many people have visited the home exhibitions, show experience, they often show such a scene: Exhibitor lot of manpower employment paper distributed information to the visitors continually growing thick paper bag containing their own that “useful” advertising information effortlessly stroll circle back trouble, you discover that the real value of the material did not get, but brought back some publicity materials. The concept of this disappointing development experience in the development of services through the emergence of the World Expo can be completely changed.

Spend Expo China Mobile service through show after show exhibitors simply works through the interface upload your own information products to get the corresponding two-dimensional code, SMS code, voice access code, in enhance the display quality while saving a lot of printing costs. Visitors can through text messages, scan code, receive mail and other means were developing

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