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China’s Ecologically Fragile Freshwater Inland Lakes Disappeared Over A Thousand 50 Years – Lake

2009 11 3, the thirteenth World Lakes Conference and Exhibition Center opened in Wuhan from 45 countries worldwide and more than 1,500 leading experts and government officials, delegates gathered in Wuhan, a common search for lake management protection ” prescription. “

The Organizing Committee, said: direct human use of freshwater resources can only account for 0.01% of Earth’s total water; the world’s population will reach 9 billion by 2050, only in 2008 with 18 million people can not meet demand for water ; the twenty-first century is that human beings fight for water, rather than Oil ; To save the lake is to save ourselves.

This session will focus on the theme of “global warming on the lake Environment Influence and new problems and new mechanism, “” Lake Basin Water Pollution Control mechanism and control of basic research “,” lake water environment management strategies, policies and regulations “to carry out such exchange of more than 30 discussion topics.

During the meeting, the World Lake Conference will be organized the “governor of dialogue” and “Mayor Forum” and Japan and South Korea juvenile lake wetland protection project activities. Finally, the Assembly will bring together Chinese and foreign participants during the General Assembly issued on behalf of the academic achievements and viewpoints to the global issue of “Let the lake respite” and “Wuhan Declaration.”

Our average of 20 lakes disappear
Lake in the world press conference yesterday, informed that the rapid development of China’s 20-year cost is not small, especially in serious overdraft lake resources.

The information provided by the Organizing Committee in the past 50 years, China has reduced by about 1,000 inland lakes, the national average every year die of natural lakes has reached 20. In history there have been “the province of a thousand lakes” reputation of Hubei Province, an area of 2438.6 square kilometers of existing lakes, only the last century 50’s 34%. Currently, the province of more than 1 square kilometer lake has been reduced to 217, more than the last century 50’s 522 more than 58% reduction.

“Fresh water lake in China has been very fragile ecosystem, there are 14,000 square kilometers of lake eutrophication, or has the edge in eutrophication, algal bloom events have occurred,” yesterday’s meeting, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Environmental Science Research Institute researcher Liu Hongliang concern expressed that, in 2007, survey of 43 lakes, 27 lakes in the eutrophic state of Lake Taihu, Chaohu and Dianchi lakes, such as 12 in the severe eutrophication.

He believes that governance is not only the lake Sewage Treatment is also eco-engineering, should have a basin-wide concept, based on environmental carrying capacity, optimize watershed economy, from an environmental and economic confrontation to allow the environment to promote economic development.

Experts criticized the bad habits people
“Lake management is not the interception in the difficulty, but in the quality of the people, particularly littering the greatest harm to the lake.” Yesterday, the International Lake Environment Committee of the Scientific Committee Vice WalterRast an interview that the life bad habits into lake pollution “stumbling block.”

WalterRast said pollution was mainly the two lakes, one is business, residential sewage pipes, a very simple way to deal with, as long as the government to build sewage interception pipeline and sewage treatment plants can; another source of pollution is a lot of rubbish into the the lake, some garbage could be easily decomposed, on the lake’s pollution greatly. In fact, these people are not interested in rubbish thrown into the lake, but throw in the street, the rain into the lake after it rains.

Present, some countries and regions are trying to separate storm sewers, sewage treatment plant re-entry, but the investment is huge. The most direct and effective solution is to make the public aware of its importance, try not to throw rubbish at random.

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