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China’s First Pilot Protection Of Aquatic Ecosystems Through Inspection – Water Ecology,

Water Industry Network HC : Wuhan aquatic ecosystem protection and restoration pilot project has passed acceptance Ministry of Water Resources and the Hubei Provincial People’s Government, which is China’s first pilot city through acceptance. Industry experts pointed out that the view from the pilot project in Wuhan, progressively carry out aquatic ecosystem protection and restoration time for maturing.

China’s first pilot protection of aquatic ecosystems through acceptance
By natural conditions, with the population growth and rapid economic and social development of China’s current ecosystems, especially aquatic ecosystems, increasing pressure, rivers drying up in parts, Water pollution And wetland issues, seriously affect the economic and social sustainable development. To this end, Ministry of Water Resources from 2004 to carry out aquatic ecosystem protection and restoration, through the science of water resources planning, rational distribution and efficient utilization of a comprehensive conservation, effective protection, to contain the water balance of ecological systems in some areas the trend to maintain aquatic ecosystems health, protection of friendly and fast economic and social development. Vice Minister of Water Resources Hu

41 introduced from 2005 to 2008, the Ministry of Water Resources has identified Wuxi, Wuhan, Guilin, Laizhou in 10 cities as the country’s aquatic ecosystem protection and restoration of the pilot. The choice of pilot cities, in addition to meeting the basic requirements experiments, but also give full consideration to the river, the city water network, lakes, groundwater, wetlands and other ecosystems. At present experimental work is being actively promoted.

Wuhan City for water Xing. Water area of 2117.6 square km city, river 165, within the total length of 2,166.4 km, of which the Yangtze River and Han River through the city’s largest tributaries, lakes and 166, an area of 779.6 square kilometers. With the economic and social development of Wuhan city water ecosystems of the central city and serious water pollution, lake shrinkage, central city water system and poor connectivity, water, ecosystem protection should be strengthened.

JIANG Tie-bing introduced Wuhan Water Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Water Resources since October 2005 in Wuhan formally approved for the national aquatic ecosystem protection and restoration since the first batch of pilot cities to “six project,” and a system to focus , total input of water eco- Environment About 8.9 billion capital management program will protect the aquatic ecosystems and urban landscape construction combined with an integrated urban water systems and river and lake ecological protection regulation combined with technical inputs combined with social participation.

Present, Wuhan City Central Sewage Processing rate of 6.4% in 2002 up to the end of 2008 to 80.7%; “a scene of a lake” project have been completed in 22 lakes, landscape parks; Big East Lake Ecological Water Network was officially launched construction works; 33 km long, covering an area 300 million square meters of marshland into a national water recreation; being implemented, the upgrading of the Water Quality Center City project will achieve the water quality of 40 lakes, the upgrading.

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