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Energy Conservation Strategies

Today every country has started thinking seriously about energy conservation strategies as the use of non-renewable energy is becoming increasingly expensive. On the one hand, the cost of non-renewable energy is increasing but on the other hand, we are continually depleting the energy resources. This results in scarcity of the energy resources. It is inevitable that we run out of these energy resources sooner or later. This should send a serious warning signal to all of us; it is important that we come up with highly effective energy conservation strategies that will keep our planet powered.

At one level, we need to reduce our energy consumption in every way possible. However, this will not give us a satisfactory solution. We cannot shrink our needs below a certain limit. So reducing our consumption level will help but it is not the ultimate solution to the problem that we are facing currently.

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One of the most effective solutions would be that we need to switch to renewable energy sources or to clean energy sources. Many countries have started exploring this avenue in a big way but the efforts should be paced up to see tangible results at global levels. Using natural sources or renewable energy may not be a plausible solution in all parts of the world. For example, using solar energy in cold countries is not possible and using wind turbines may not be the right solution for all terrains. This is where we need to think globally. We will have to switch to clean energy wherever possible so that the non-renewable energy saved in these regions can be made available to the other regions where clean energy is not an option. When the percentage of renewable energy usage is increased, the demand for non-renewable energy will automatically decrease. This will in turn reduce the scarcity levels and hence the cost.

Today the entire world has become a small place, what happens in one corner of the world has immediate impact in the other parts of the world unlike before. The same applies to positive things. Therefore, we need to start thinking globally when it comes to energy conservation. The policies should not stop with top level or remain in papers. They should be given shape and they should reach grass root levels. Shortage of non-renewable energy resources is not a problem of a single country, but it is a global problem as countries buy their fuel from across the borders.

We need to come up with highly creative energy conservation solutions that will help us switch to clean energy in a more cost effective way. There are several benefits is switching natural energy sources. One of the main benefits is that we will reduce the amount of toxic waste that is dumped in to the environment. We will have cleaner air to breathe and our children will have healthier environment. We will reduce our electricity bills and our fuel costs. Above all, we will have enough energy to power the planet.

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