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Excellent Hybrid TaylorMade Rescue Hybrid 2009


1. New compact head shape for greater versatility, playability and confidence

2. Lower CG and .6mm ultra-thin casting on crown make it easier to launchthe ball high and long

3. New Low-Friction Sole promotes clean, square contact

4. Aldila RE*AX 65-gram shaft

Review 1?

This one club alone has changed my game entirely. I found it at Golf Galaxy for $ 20. I swore they mislabeled the price because surely its worth much more then that. You don’t have to swing hard; it will launch the ball in the air very easily. TaylorMade Rescue Hybrid 2009 is extremely useful from fairways and I have used it extensively from the tee box. I haven’t tried the newer Taylormade ( Burner or Draw )hybrids out, but for being close to 8 year old technology and the first of the rescue mid series, these clubs are awesome. A perfect swing for me yields around 190-210 yards. I am not a long hitter but you can get some distance with these hybrids. I searched forever to track the Rescue Mid 5 on Ebay. If you spot one of these clubs anywheres, grab it, they are fantastic and can be bought for $ 60 or less. I cant wait to get rid of my 5 iron and replace it with one of these.

Review 2:

To all the golf viewers out there, Taylormade Rescue club are “Outstanding.” I play with the Taylormade 2, 3, 4 and 3 Wood. I have tried many brand hybrid clubs and could not hit with them. However, I learned to hit down on the golf ball with the TaylorMade Rescue clubs. My game improved overnight.

The loft of the Rescue clubs are great, you don’t have to hit the swing hard, all you have to do is focus and hit down on the ball.
I recommend TaylorMade Rescue Hybrid 2009 to anyone who want to improve their game. Most importantly, TaylorMade golf clubs, from the irons to the hybrids are number one golf clubs. Don’t just take my word, just go out and purchase these clubs and you will see for yourself. You can always thank me later. “Remember this, you don’t have to kill the ball, just a nice easy swing and the ball will go far and straight. These club are great of the ground or Tee.”
 Review 3:

I play with the Taylormade 2 & 4 Rescue Mid and 3 Wood. They are the best clubs. The loft of the clubs are outstanding. The ball go straight and land soft. These clubs hit great, and you can count on getting out of any situation with them. The key for hitting straight and long with these clubs is that you have to hit down on the ball. Their is no need to over power your swing, let the club do the work. The 3 Wood hits well off the tee or on the ground. I recommend these clubs to any golfer who is looking for the best Mid range clubs. I can truely say that The TaylorMade clubs improved my game and confidence.
Review 4:

I have a rescue 3 that I bought about 5 years ago when I began playing golf. This is the only club that remains from the original 14. I’ve traded irons four times, had multiple drivers and fairway woods, and countless putters but the trusty rescue club has stayed in the bag without fail. It is fitted with the original Taylormade stiff graphite shaft and a new golf pride. I’ve tested some newer hybrids but don’t expect to change anytime soon. This club is excellent out of the rough and very versatile. I can use it anywhere from 175 yards to well over 200 yards. I would recommend this club to anyone who needs to build confidence in their fairway game.

You can make you best choice on Hybrid TaylorMade Rescue Hybrid 2009 which will not  let you down.

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