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Exotic Wildlife in India


Wildlife or life of jungle is very fascinating for an adventure tourist. one can feel the earth shaking as rhino charges past, hear the roar of a lion is amazing, seeing herds of elephants, deer in their natural habitat is an amazing experience one can’t forget. Imagine living in an open tent and safari on elephant back what an amazing experience. Wildlife in India is just not to visit national parks it means to take back home memories bag full. Memories of lion, tiger, elephant, peacock, panther and much more.

The wildlife of India is a mix of species of diverse origin and it is preserve in 80 national parks and 441 wildlife sanctuaries across the country. The common name for wilderness in India is jungle. India is home to a number of rare and threatened animal species like Tiger the big cat. India hold over half the world’s tiger population commonly known as Bengal/Royal Bengal Tigers. There are many qualities in tigers which makes them popular all over the world. Jim Corbett once said that they are the large hearted gentleman. They are the most magnificent, rare, endangered, powerful and charismatic species. To save them Government of India started ‘Project Tiger’ in 1972 and a fresh movement ‘Save the Tiger’ started in 2009 due to this population of tiger increased from 1411 in 2008 to 1706 in 2011. One can enjoy wildlife in its full adventurous experience while on safari be it on elephant back, in an open jeep, from a boat. India has some famous wildlife sanctuaries like Bharatpur bird sanctuary for birds, Jim Corbett park for tigers, Gir National park for lion and many more, one can see gigantic elephant, charming peacock, graceful rhinoceros.

The wildlife tour in India is amazing in any season but to experience migrating birds, tiger and other rare species, winter is the best season. India has unmatches variety of flora and fauna. To get away from urban jungle and explore the real wilderness there are wildlife resorts in India there are jungle lodges, open tent, luxury tents and heritage palaces to stay and enjoy the wildlife at its fullest

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