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Foreign building energy efficiency: longer life is the greatest “reduction” – energy effic

Freiburg, the name may be for many people, very strange, but concerned about Environmental protection Energy industry, people are concerned, it is an ideal city. Has a “green capital of Germany” reputation of Freiburg, the majority of its buildings have been converted into sustainable building, and a large number of applications Solar Energy And other renewable energy sources. In sharp contrast, the majority of housing in China does not use energy-saving measures, building energy consumption accounts for 40% of total energy consumption of the community. Average unit energy consumption of our architecture is about 30 liters of fuel, equivalent to 300 kwh per square meter per year. In Germany, carried out energy-saving housing unit energy consumption is only about 3 liters of fuel (commonly known as 3 liters of room), new residential average energy consumption can be controlled in 1 liter of fuel (commonly known as 1 liter of room). Do the same projections, if China can enhance the building’s energy-saving technology to the level of Germany, alone 30% of annual savings in energy consumption. Comparison of Chinese and foreign ecological building

trends, chairman of the Architectural Society of China, China Real Estate Association Song Chunhua, president of China in the June 29th International Conference on Sustainable Building proposed for Building energy efficiency Consideration should step. Current energy-saving targets for new buildings is 50%, some 65% of qualified energy-saving city. But compared with foreign countries, our country most of the construction of the wall and the heat transfer coefficient too, even if the proposed 50% energy saving target, but the gap is still very far away, a result of energy saving will continue to reform, he suggested requirements for building energy efficiency should be one step, another reference the outstanding achievements and apply to domestic buildings, use some efficient insulation Insulation material And new materials.

Meanwhile, energy-saving technology should tend to “passive” energy saving, energy-saving initiative is to achieve building energy efficiency and other energy consuming, but “passive” energy to other energy consumption is very low. He’s an architecture, for example Norway, Norway, compared the long cold season, so the floor in the living room and bathroom were using solar hot water Heating However, not to mention the bedroom Heating Water heating, so that resources “reduction.” Meanwhile, good wall insulation, mostly south of the facade windows, use blinds regulate the intensity of sunlight, on the northern elevation is very thick walls, small windows. Therefore, in the “reduction” achieved under the premise of the resource and energy conservation.

Song Chunhua stress that building, the realization of “reduction” is the best way to extend the building life cycle. Ordinary residential structure in China provides the safe use of a period of 50 years, 5 years ago Japan had made a century residence, is now proposing to house 200 years. In fact, the construction of a house consumes a lot of energy, resources and more incredible is that China has a lot of the construction of 10 to 20 years of building have been demolished, their life expectancy is less than 50 years. Song Chunhua, China’s building codes can call from 50 to 70 years in the first 70 years of residential land and approved the current period is consistent with, and think these are worth the trade. In addition, he proposed building construction is not at liberty “to dismantle the demolition”, China has promulgated the Circular Economy Promotion Law, the city government and building owners or users of house demolition can not be free to decide, within a reasonable life buildings should take measures to extend its service life, to suppress the current major demolition and construction.

Proposed development of our country New Energy The goal is that by 2010 renewable energy consumption accounted for 10% of the total energy consumption in 2020 to reach 15% Solar water heaters The total collector area in 2010 to 1.5 billion square meters by 2020 to reach 3 million square meters. By 2010, solar energy use to account for new construction of shallow area of more than 25% to 50% over 2020. Song Chunhua also admitted that this is a very difficult task, States should support and encourage new construction and renovation of existing buildings to use more solar energy and geothermal energy. He said: “In order to effectively use of renewable energy, the most important thing is do a good job designing this part, insisted that the new energy and construction integration, adhere to the design and integration of new energy.” Released last year, the State Council Energy conservation Ordinance to require construction of the main Project And renewable energy facilities designed to synchronize, simultaneous construction and simultaneous acceptance. Promote the use of solar energy for example, for the following 12-storey buildings, China has a number of provinces in the mandatory application of solar energy, but high-rise buildings can also need to explore effective application of solar energy. At present, solar energy applications is the implementation of a better state of Israel, in 1980, Israel has begun mandatory use of solar energy, solar collector device provides no housing will not be approved for construction. Another good example is the city of Malmo, Sweden BO01 housing demonstration areas, has received the EU’s “Award for promoting renewable energy sources”, the entire residential area is transformed from the old terminal, full use of renewable energy. And the construction process does not pursue advanced technology and products in particular, but to focus on mature, widely used technologies and products of residential integration, while achieving the housing industry’s very modern. Such as using wind power to solve 99% of the electricity demand, another 1% make up by the solar photovoltaic power generation. Mainly by the ground source heat pump heating provided by solar panels less than other available cooling also by groundwater cooling. These foreign practices for land-efficient development of our country house with a good reference.

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