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Get To Know The Terminology

Get To Know The Terminology Used For Eco-Friendly And Recycled Promotional Products

It is widely recognized that many corporate giants want to illustrate that they are operating in an environmentally fashion and promote this message to their clients by using Eco-Friendly promotional products to carry their logo and message. The very term “Eco-Friendly” covers a massive range of products that are produced and developed in a range of ways and it is worth while identifying what each of the eco-friendly terms really means to the environment and the purchaser.

Many of factories throughout the world in the Promotional Products market are researching and developing new materials and manufacturing processes that are friendlier to our planet. Bringing together recycled, biodegradable, organic and sustainable materials, fair trade and ethically produced products and non polluting technology is saving the environment in many ways. Fewer raw materials are being mined and less waste or discarded material is going to land fill.

Get educated! Read below to know exactly how the items you are buying are helping make the difference today for all of our tomorrows.

Recycled Promotional Product – The term means that the raw material used to make the product has been used before and then processed so that it can form a new product. Product examples are plastic pens made from recycled car parts and promotional jackets made from former plastic bottles.

Non-Polluting – This term describes the action which is intentionally taking steps to avoid making an area or substance, usually air, water or earth, dirty or harmful to people, animals or plants, especially by adding harmful chemicals. A product example would be a naturally dyed t-shirt rather than a chemically dyed one.

Ethical – This term covers the sourcing and production of promotional products which adheres to commonly appreciated and agreed ethical and moral principles. Conforming to accepted standards of social or professional behavior. This would cover products that are produced in factories that are regulated, clean and safe and with a work force that is of legal age and not under duress.

Sustainable – The raw materials used to make the promotional product has been supplied form a source that has and will be able to continue to supply over a period of time: causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time. Many paper promotional products are made from tress from specially planted forests that are grown and managed solely for this use.

Biodegradable – The product has the ability to decay naturally and harmlessly without any negative impact on the environment. Biodegradable products and packaging help to limit the amount of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere. Many plastic promotional carry bags are being produced from biodegradable materials now.

Organic – These organic products are produced without using artificial chemicals in the growing of plants or animals for food and other products. Organic bags and t-shirts are becoming more main stream in the promotional market without having a premium price attached to them.

Fair Trade – Trade conducted under fair-trade agreement. A way of buying and selling products that makes certain that the original producer receives a fair price. This would cover items such as promotional t-shirts where the cotton growers have been paid a fair price for the raw materials.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products from Arcadia

Arcadia is committed to providing Eco-Friendly Promotional Products of the very highest standard and is able to select from the very best regulated, ethically focused factories and suppliers in the industry. This is achieved by the selection of the latest, relevant and interesting products which are available online which are only sourced from the most reliable and financially sound suppliers globally.

Arcadia’s Eco-Friendly Promotional Products can be viewed, configured with full printing and product options and ordered online at

Steve Barnes is a founding member of Arcadia Corporate Merchandise Limited, the promotional product company based in High Wycombe in the UK. Arcadia has a great independent online corporate gift selection at so please visit for further information.

By: Steve Barnes

About the Author:

Steve Barnes is currently a Director of Arcadia Corporate Merchandise in the Marketing and Advertising industry in the UK. Arcadia is a Promotional Product distributor and a Sourcing company based in High Wycombe, UK – Basic branded promotional products as well as bespoke designed and manufactured items are supplied. In the promotional products industry since 1995 with Corinthian Marketing, Steve has been with Arcadia since its formation in 1998. A keen rugby player in his younger days enjoyed spells with Northampton Saints and Henley Hawks. Married with two daughters, life is now very different. As a keen motorsport fan, Steve enjoys his work with the F1 clients that Arcadia has. Arcadia specialises in web based corporate merchandise programmes and manages these on a global scale in conjunction with our partners Club Colors in Chicago, USA. Arcadia is currently launching PROMOB2B – a unique Merchandise Management System. For further information please visit: The account management teams at Arcadia, service European accounts from the UK and are available for on-site meetings within the whole EMEA region. Online ordering systems can manage orders for all UK, EMEA and worldwide destinations. Other services available: * Storage and distribution * Incentive programmes * Brand management * Fulfilment and mailing services * In-house design service * In-house embroidery

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