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Global Warming- The Worried Heat Of People


Ignoring the poor misguided people who’re saying wrong global warming is just a small sign.

It really happens. Most scientists now agree that because of people’s non-stop thirst for consumption, we are suffering the ever increasing global temperatures. 



There is mounting evidence to suggest that the accelerating global population growth combined with a general increase in living standards is placing the Earth’s natural systems under an immense strain. Many believe we are at the tipping point right now.


Others would go further and suggest that the tipping point has been and gone. We are now entering a phase in the Earth’s history which Al Gore describes in his documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”, as a period of consequences.


In other words we have left it too late. If this is to be believed then we are past the point of no return. The climate is literally going into meltdown with vast swathes of ice sheet plunging into the ever warmer waters.


Here’s the big problem. Where once there was ice, the majority of the suns’ energy was reflected back out into space. Now that the ice has been replaced by water, the majority of the suns’ energy is being absorbed and the seas are warming up at an alarming rate.


The warming of the seas melts the ice sheets more quickly and the problem becomes compounded. This is an exponential problem and it’s why the brains behind the computer modelsand predictions are warning the human race of the most dire consequences.


Some predictions warn that vast areas of the Earth’s surface will turn to desert. We’re seeing the beginnings of this now. This is not theory, it’s happening. There could be 100’s of millions of people displaced due to desertification and ironically, flooding in other areas.


We’re talking migration of human beings on a scale never before witnessed. The problems this will cause worldwide are unimaginable. The warnings are based on evidence from multiple authorities and we, as a species, would do well to recognise the fact that we’re the problem.


Unless we all change our ways this obscene gluttony will almost certainly put paid the human race as we know it. The Earth will carry on regardless, make no mistake, but will webe around to see it?


This time we cannot simply “Get out of the kitchen”!



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