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Golf 3 Wood Or Hybrid ? Which One?

If you are only taking up golf, chances are that you’re having real difficulty while using the longest golf club within your bag. Don’t worry, you aren’t on your own within this department as plenty of other players, not really novices, find hitting a driver straight and long continuously nearly unattainable. It truly is strongly recommended that you progress from a golf 3 wood prior to the driver as they tend to be much simpler to hit from the tee than a driver would.

So just why should you be selecting a 3 wood instead of the driver?

Well first of all, the loft on the 3 wood is usually between 13 to 15 degrees as compared to a driver that may be between 9 to 12 degrees. The higher the loft the easier it can be for getting the ball airborne and also secondly, the length of the shaft of any 3 wood is usually a little shorter in comparison with a driver, meaning that the particular golf club will be easier to control.

The problem of this equation is not surprisingly, a loss in length. But given that almost all rookies would most probably hook or slice the driver from the tee, smacking a club like the taylormade r9 tp fairway wood down the fairway might not be a really bad thing after all. Wouldn’t anyone rather be 150-200 meters down the fairway instead of 50 meters in the bushes?

What about any 3 wood as a fairway wood?

The answer is actually yes and no. Unless you are a pretty good golfer, you might be best to use a hybrid club instead. Hybrid golf clubs are a combination between irons and also woods plus generally a 3 wood hybrid will have 13 to 17 degrees of loft. Hybrids are squarely targeted at the newbie golfer that finds a 3 fairway wood difficult to use from the fairway however don’t forget the higher the loft the less the distance obtained.

In case you are however hell bent with using a golf 3 wood on the fairways, first ensure that your current lie is very fine and that you’re not hitting out of tall grass.

The particular principle when you’re beginning playing golf, is definitely to choose a club that can give you a lot more precision rather than length and slowly shift the other way as you improve as a golfer.

Together with accuracy comes self confidence and just about any expert will certainly inform you that golf is far more psychological than just raw skills.

Undecided regarding what golf 3 wood to settle upon? View our first-class fairway golf reviews as well as read about the hottest 3 woods on the market at the moment.

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