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Hammer Crusher is into Practice on Green Ecology

The hammer crusher is divided into: single-stage hammer crusher, efficient hammer crusher, sand machine, vertical shaft hammer crusher, reversible hammer crushers. Although it has a powerful crushing capacity, but relatively it does have some problems inherent in the Red Star machine experts from the hammer crusher, how to correct and change how to fully resolve:

Existing one, hammer crusher

Dual screen border of the original machine, but because of the direct commitment from the rotor and the chalk in the middle of the screen frame, resulting in greater wear and tear, excessive wear and tear caused by the middle of a half-screen framework is installed unsafe, often loosening, peeling , which will lead to maintenance difficulties, old middle of the screen frame is equal to about 14% of the materials in the field of screen supports up qualified limestone crushing can not put out here again and again to break the broken chalk, lead to the fragmentation efficiency is low, the output is not high .

Cinder, coal ash contains aluminum, silicon and other important material composition, coal mining from some southern areas after being fired into combustion slag, fly ash, which also contains gallium, vanadium and other important mineral composition, and the content is even more than the content in the original mineral, so it is of great refining value.

Hammer crusher of hongxing Group has the advantages of reliable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, economic and other characteristics.

The spring system is the overload protection device, which can allow the metal foreign body entering the crushing chamber without damage the machine. The hammer crusher adopts dry oil and water for sealing, so that the dust impurities cannot enter machine body, which thus ensures the clean of smooth oil and prolong the service life of sliding bearing and thrust ball bearing, it also ensure the machine runs reliable.

Coal chemical industry plays an important role in the sustainable using energy, which is irreplaceable and will be the important development direction henceforth 20 years, which has great significance on reducing the environmental pollution caused by Chinese coal and reducing the relying on imported oil. As one of the professional manufacturer of hammer crusher, hongxing will contribute their own force to China energy sustainable development and to be the overhead guard of environment protect.

High-efficiency hammer crusher is important equipment in fine crushing field and mainly used for material fine crushing. Making PX high-efficiency fine crusher as an example, hammer head is with split structure, which makes replacement convenient; Hammer head and handle are connected by bolt. Hammer head materials adopts Cr Mo alloy of high wear resistance whose wear-resisting performance is best among hammer crushers.

To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery ,like cement mill price, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

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