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How to Breast Massage

Breast massage that improves the quality of breast milk was known since 2004, when research was published in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, ecology but at that time was not there, so excuse me if I speak of something you have already heard.

Exercises for beautiful breasts

To keep your breasts swollen and hard after the end of breastfeeding, it is good to have during pregnancy take care with specific exercises and products that always keep it moisturized and elastic.

• From early pregnancy until the period of breastfeeding, get used to massage the breast with special oils and creams, softening and toning properties that make it elastic and smooth (be careful, however, breast-feeding because it smells very strong can irritate the baby bringing to refuse the nipple).
• A simple exercise that can be done at home to keep swollen breasts is to keep his hands clasped at his face with the force pushing you to relax your palms against each other. Repeat for 10 minutes every day.
• To firm breasts, you may want to alternate freezing showers or sponge baths with jets of hot water.

The look of the breastfeeding mother

• Bra: comfortable, practical and comfortable. So it should be used during breast-feeding her bra. Models are preferred that are disengaged and easily with one hand, with inner bezel for better support of the breast, with elastic straps and adjustable. Most models are commercially available in cotton and elastic. This means that they can not be washed at high temperatures (typically, however, the underwear should not be washed above 40 degrees). For hygiene deep, therefore, important to ensure that the bacteria can move from bra breast and from these to the child, we strongly recommend the use of a product -specific disinfectant to be added to regular detergent.
• Sheath after birth: it is a real sheath completely surrounding the abdominal area to allow rapid and proper recovery of their physical form.

It can also be used during pregnancy as a useful back support, allowing you to relieve pain typical of the last month of gestation. Again, the advice is to choose a model comfortable, practical that can be easily worn under clothing every day.
• Adjustable strap: to age and anatomical shape that fits perfectly to the body and allow you to quickly regain his physical form completely adhering to the abdominal area. Made, usually made of cotton and elastic, can be washed in a washing machine, and provided a maximum temperature of 40 °. That’s because, deep hygiene, you should use a disinfectant to be added to the detergent additive. This is a very good leader in the days immediately following childbirth.
• Nightgowns open before: for breast-feeding (and also in the clinic at the time of birth) is very important to wear comfortable garments that can be easily opened in order to attack the baby to the breast without difficulty. For the night feeds, then, we recommend the use of a nightgown buttoned front, preferably in cotton, machine washable.


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