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Hybrid Bikes, The Ideal Choice

“I thought of that while riding my bicycle”: this response, as science history relates to Albert Einstein, to a question how he reached some of his inspired ideas, expresses the joy people feels while riding a bike. Recently Biking has gained more and more fans, either as a sport activity or as a social activity.

Biking became so popular such that many types of biking and bikes have evolved such as road bikes, mounting bikes, dirt bikes, hybrid bikes, and more. Each bike has its distinction. Each bike has its own design, with it sown emphasis. Also many vendors and brands are available, such as Raleigh Bikes, or Giant bikes.

The vast inventory of bikes makes it difficult and confusing to make a decision with regard to what kind of bike to purchase, specifically for beginners.

In a former article I tried to give a short introduction to Mountain bikes. The underline distinction was that the mountain bikes are designed for robustness, in order to withstand the hard terrain conditions. This article is about hybrid bikes. As implied by its name, a hybrid bike is to some extent a combination of two types of bikes, specifically mountain bike and a road bike.

For beginners, who stand helpless in front a bike shop and can not make their mind, a hybrid bike might be the right choice. The hybrid bike combines in its design some characteristics of mountain bike, which is designed for hard topography unpaved treks, and the road bike, which is designed for best performance on paved roads and streets.

For example, the hybrid bike uses narrower tires compared to the mountain bike.

This enables better riding in city road, however little bit less convenient for pure hard mountain biking. Also, the handles bar of a hybrid bike can be positioned flexibly in any convenient position, while the mountain bike handle is fixed in a flat position. The handle position affects the sitting angle of the rider. For beginners, who are not familiar with what makes them comfortable on bikes, this is quite a benefit. Another point that is worthwhile to mention is the weight of the bikes. Hybrid bikes are lighter than mountain bikes, as they are slimmer.

So, the hybrid bike enables the rider to perform quite well in various types of roads. From my perspective, as a beginner rider, choosing a hybrid bike s a good compromise that combines bike characteristics so that beginners can feel and experience, and then go on and choosing a more appropriate bike for them.


The author owns B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering, an M.Sc. degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering, and an MBA degree.


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