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Hybrid Range And Toyota Slow Recovery

Lots of marketing campaigns have hepled Japanese car manufacturer Toyota cross the point of one million sales for their hybrid vehicles. They have sold more than 2.68 million hybrid cars, furthermore there’s an increase in the global market for these models regardless of the company’s huge losses the previous year. The sales figure in markets outside Japan are more than 347,500 units and imported hybrid orders are coming in.


Subsidies have really helped to push sales revenues, with motorists buying into incentives that encourage lower fuel consumption vehicles and reductions in carbon emissions. Presently, the Toyota Motor Corporation makes nine different hybrid models for the passenger market and three vehicles made for commercial purposes, all of which are sold solely to the Japanese market. Eight of these vehicles are exported to other countries and have found their way to eco-minded motorists in more than 80 countries across the world.


Toyota designers are always on the lookout to create diverse new hybrid-fuel powered cars and prototypes of new models are already being constructed. Over the coming few years it is expected that the company will roll out a number of new lines in order to keep up with rising demand from consumers. One area it is working on is the reinvention of its existing petrol and diesel models as hybrid versions and engineers are keen to redesign their popular models with a new, environmentally conscious twist. These are rumoured for release as soon as the next ten years.


This week the company has announced that Toyota vehicle sales have garnered a quarterly profit of 190.4 billion yen (approximately $ 2.2 billion), showing an increase from the previous year which reported a considerable loss for the company due to the recession.

Senior managing director of the car manufacturer Takahiko Ijichi is also hoping that a boost to the yen will also improve their overall sales figures.


Selena McCubbin is a journalist writing on behalf of Central Contracts.

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