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Increasing Your Hybrid Car’s Lifespan

If you spend some time in keeping your hybrid-car in the best possible condition, you will be able to use it for a longer time. Maintaining the car does not take too much effort. However, the patience you show the car will pay off when it lasts for a long time and helps you get from one place to another without any trouble.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to maintain a speed of less than 55 mph during the initial break-in period of the car. Your hybrid batteries and the hybrid motor need time to get started up so that they can go on for a long, long time. This usually lasts for the first 1000 miles that the car is in use. However, reading the car manual is always a good idea to check what the break-in period is, as prescribed by the manufacturers.

Try to avoid as much heavy load as possible in the car. If you carry a lot of heavy load at regular periods in the car, it tends to weigh down the car accordingly. Towing another car can also be a hindrance to your car because it puts a lot of weight on the car during the pulling process. Also avoid keeping the car idle for long period of time. Like any other machine, it needs to be oiled regularly and that oil needs to be regulated to various parts of the car to keep it smooth and in good running condition. If the car remains idle for a period, it might take a longer time for all the parts to be oiled properly and so will take some time before it functions normally. When you initially get the car, try to maintain a low level of rpms. Ideally, anything below 3000 is good. This light acceleration will give all the various parts in the car time to get used to one another.

The importance of driving the car with utmost care should not need to be emphasized.

If you are good to the car, the car will be good to you. Using it rashly will only ensure more wear and tear internally to the car which means a shorter life for the car. People often tend to race the car’s engine in an effort to heat up the car, especially during cold weather. This is particularly bad for Hybrid Vehicles because it works against their specific purpose and can cause a lot of damage to the car and will only make the parts less efficient. Avoid racing the car’s Hybrid Motor when you start the car. Also, many people tend to leave the car engine switched on while they are waiting for someone in the driveway or anyplace else. This also takes away the number of years your car has. When you start the car, accelerate slowly because this gives all the parts time to wake up and get oiled up.

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