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Jia Zhibang: Building An Ecological Civilization Is Of Great Significance And Far-reaching – Jia

Construction of ecological civilization is of great significance and far-reaching?? Visit 17 major representatives of the State Forestry Bureau Jia Zhibang

“Hu Jintao, general secretary of the party’s 17 loudly to the report, Banner Clear thinking and profound, rich in content, has a strong era, strategic, scientific, is a Marxist programmatic document, the work of the whole Party and action guide. “17 great representative of the State Forestry Bureau Jia Zhibang in an interview said:” The report presents a comprehensive goal of building a moderately prosperous society in the new requirements, to ‘build an ecological civilization, basically forming an energy resources and protecting the environment industrial structure, growth, Consumption Model ‘refers to the development of a strategic perspective, required by 2020 to achieve the objective of building a well when the ecological environment of our country to become a good country. This is the first time the CPC Central Committee ‘construction of ecological civilization’ Write Congress’s political report, is the idea of building a harmonious society and economic development in eco-sublimation, not only China’s own development has significant and far-reaching impact, and the maintenance of global ecology Security Is important, fully reflects our party attach great importance to ecological construction and ecological problems of the global spirit of responsibility. “

Jia Zhibang that ecological civilization refers to the people, while transforming the objective world, to actively improve and optimize the relationship between man and nature, ecological construction and orderly operation mechanism and a good ecological environment is achieved by the material, spiritual, system results combined. It reflects the nature of human relations activities and deal with their own progress in the degree of human and social progress is an important symbol. Construction of ecological civilization is to implement the scientific concept of development and new tasks of the Party’s governance and rejuvenation of the new development concept, ecological construction is the new target.

Jia Zhibang, said the CPC Central Committee and State Council have always attached great importance to ecological construction. Since our Party, Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee has made a “decision on the development of forestry”, established the ecological-based forestry development strategy, a strong impetus to the ecological construction, has made great achievements . National forest cover from the early years of New China 8.6% to 18.21%; plantation area of about 800 million acres preserved, first in the world; in recent years, the National Desertification Land Area will decline every year; forestry system construction and Management Nature reserves to 1740, accounting for 12.6% of land area, 45% of the effective protection of natural wetlands, more than 85% of rare wildlife species; 1.4 billion mu of natural forests are effectively protected the interests of national and global made a significant contribution to ecological security. But overall, the state is still very serious ecological conditions, ecological awareness of the whole society is still weak, from the ecological civilization, there is still a good ecological environment.

Jia Zhibang told reporters, Canada Johnson State building, economic and social sustainable development, survival and development of the Chinese nation is the basic plan. Forestry is the key to harmony between man and nature, and a link is the main ecological construction, ecological products bear the production of material products and the important task of eco-cultural products, with enormous social, economic and ecological benefits. Forestry in ecological civilization construction shoulders the important mission, only to assume the important task of ecological construction, ecological and cultural vanguard is more to do as much as possible to create a rich ecological results, physical findings and results of ecological culture, to be an ecological civilization construction The guide, organizers, practitioners and promoters.

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