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Eco-friendly Processing in Textile Industry

Textile Industries use different chemicals in different processes like, dyeing, finishing, scouring, bleaching, softening, washing etc. The textile chemicals & dyeing industry consume large quantities of water and produces large volumes of wastewater from different steps in the various processes. Wastewater from textile processing and dyeing containing residues requires appropriate treatment before being released into the environment. Interest in eco-friendly processing in textile industry has increased in the current scenario because of increased awareness of environmental issues. has got feedback from the eminent players of the textile industry regarding eco-friendly processing.

Huntsman Textile Effects

The textile industry is one of the largest industries in the world, employing over 25 Mio people. Consumers spend around $1.3 Trillion on textiles every year, most of it on clothes.

The study of the environmental impact of textiles is extremely complex. It is clear, however, that enormous amounts of water and energy are consumed in the production and care of textiles in addition to the transportation of the goods.

Huntsman Textile Effects is dedicated to provide innovative solutions to conserve the worlds resources in textile production and textile care.

Huntsman delivers innovative solutions for textile processes, which:

• reduce water and energy consumption during preparation, coloration and finishing

• reduce aqueous waste and off-gases

• improve process efficiency

• reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals

Serving Resources in Textiles:

Huntsman delivers a range of innovative effects, which:

• reduce the amount of energy required in the care of garments

• keep clothes fresher without washing

• keep garments looking new for longer

• reduce or eliminate the need to tumble dry or iron

• eliminate the need to dry clean

Living sustainability for all Huntsman Textile Effects (TE) associates is based on a solid foundation encompassing all aspects of Product Stewardship.

Product Stewardship demonstrates Huntsmans commitment to responsible care. It is an integrated business process for identifying, managing and minimizing the environmental, health and safety (EHS) impacts at every stage of a products life cycle.

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