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Not Sacrifice The Ecological Environment Map “energy” – Pvc Cables Manufacturer

Now, energy saving, environmental protection, these two words often associated with building a harmonious society also raised. They are supposed to be unified. However, efforts to increase energy conservation assessment of the situation, we have seen some regions and enterprises at the expense of the ecological environment in exchange for “energy saving results,” the strange phenomenon.
2006 is the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” of the first year, the country rapid growth of GDP of each province’s “report card” impressive. National Bureau of Statistics released on February 28 communiqu shows that Chinese yuan GDP energy consumption is 1.21 tons of standard coal. This is a Chinese unit GDP energy consumption fell for the first time since 2003. In 2006 energy consumption per unit GDP in China dropped by 1.23% year on year, while the beginning of the intended goal is to drop 4%, did not achieve the desired goal, to achieve energy efficiency goals and challenges throughout the year. According to reports, some provinces million GDP energy consumption to achieve a more significant decline, but the survey found that some energy out large pollution control facilities, while reducing the energy consumption caused serious pollution to the environment . Energy consumption very well, but reportedly large number of energy out pollution control facilities, a large number of energy saving at the same time, but then caused serious environmental pollution, that is, to some extent, the reduction of energy consumption at the expense of the ecological environment in return.
In a mining enterprise that dust removal equipment is not running, the yellow chimney billowing, black smoke. According to local residents that, much of the year is the situation. It is understood that the power consumption of bag dust removal equipment, power plant accounted for about 8%, closed, the “energy” effect is obvious. Steel and cement companies have a similar phenomenon. There is also a business leader said the environmental protection facilities of the enterprise as a whole accounts for electric power consumption about 10% a year can not open dust removal facilities around saving 4,000,000 kwh, 300 million in savings. Does not run environmental protection facilities, the enterprise’s energy targets will naturally decrease. Therefore, this area enterprises, many enterprises have adopted this “energy saving” measures, also euphemistically called “enhanced energy saving measures.”
We all know that the past generations of rural people are ditches in drinking water by living on vegetables and wash rice with water. But now, with the expansion of modern enterprises, the ditch had become a cesspool, a drainage ditch. Many enterprises around the sewers, it is shocking that our entrepreneurs in business development, while more socially responsible, and gave it a blue sky, a depends on the living environment.
Right now, businesses are in full swing with the State Council on strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction decisions, have signed a military order, signed their letters of responsibility for energy conservation, energy saving decompose the assessment criteria, developed a specific energy saving measures . In the energy-saving high-pressure, some stopped pollution control equipment, large power consumption, and as indicators of assessment efforts to increase energy efficiency, which tend to significantly deteriorate.
Development can not save the cost of the ecological environment. Similarly, the “energy” more can not be a reason to give up the protection of the environment. Year, the State Environmental Protection Administration to the company also put a “high-pressure environment.” Enterprises should pay attention to the implementation of energy saving target assessment, but also the one hand and the total emissions of major pollution sources, major pollutants reduced implementation and evaluation indicators, with both hands, in order to promote resource conservation and environmentally friendly win-win situation, to achieve scientific development .

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