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Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala


The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is also a Tiger Reserve which is located at the high ranges of the Western Ghats that is in the Kerala in the South India. This lovely sanctuary has a scenic lake situated at the heart of this park. Though, it is best known as Tiger reserve but mostly tourist visit this place to see the Indian elephants when they are involved in activities like sprinkling water and playfulness by the Periyar Lake. The imperative date to mention here is the year 1972 when the Periyar National Park was actually slated as under the Project Tiger.


The flora of the Periyar wildlife sanctuary is commendable as its deeper valleys consist of tropical evergreen forests having ultimate tree cover where it is quiet hard to find the sunlight. The trees have grown up to an awesome height of about 130-140 feet which is just unbelievable. Some of the levels areas of this sanctuary consist of marshy grasslands present close to the edges of the lake along with other present water bodies. When you will go and view this area in deeper way, you will also see the patches of semi-evergreen forests which are utilized as imperative cover by several animal species here.


Another appreciable fact about this sanctuary is its fauna. Other than elephants you can see animal species such as Dole or Indian wild dog, Gaur, Mouse Deer, Barking deer, Sambar, Wild Pigs, and very rarely seen a Tiger. At present there are over 40 tigers in the Periyar national park.

Moreover, 4 primates are found here that are the uncommon lion-tailed macaque, Bonnet Macaque, Common Langur, Gee’s Golden Langur and the Nilgiri Langur. Moreover, this sanctuary is also the habitat of the subtle Nilgiri Tahr, that is uncommonly to be seen. This way you have grabbed a good knowledge about the species of plants and animals found here.


When it comes to the Avifauna in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary we have several species here such as the great Malabar hornbill, Darters, racket tailed Drongoes, Kingfishers and Cormorants. They make up a vibrant view. Many bird watchers come to this sanctuary to explore these birds. This park does offer you with various reptiles too. The reptilian population is proud of its Monitor Lizards, King cobra and sometime a Python. They can be seen basking in the sun.


If you have thought of going on a trip to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary then you must experience the boat cruises. This is because it will make the best f your trip and through this way you cans see several animals around you at the bank of the lake and in the lake itself. Now it comes to the question- How to reach the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary? By air, you will be landing at one of two airports that are situated in Kochi (Cochin) and Madurai in Tamil Nadu at a distance of 200 km and 140 km respectively. The closest railway station to Periyar is Kottayam situated at a distance of 114 km. The roadways are always open to you with its private buses and taxis.


The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the major tourist attractions of Kerala Tourism. If you are planning a trip to Kerala, you can take Jet Airways India flights to reach here.

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