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PING G15 Hybrid

In recent years, many manufactures started making a new breed of golf clubs. This new innovation is designed to offer favorable characteristics of two classic types, irons and woods. PING G15 Hybrid is one of those innovations that is being used by increasing numbers of players.

PING is known for its cutting edge technologies with golf clubs. If you know the brand well, it’s not surprising that their latest innovation G15 hybrid is so popular. It’s designed to reduce the problems of difficult long irons while offering the forgiveness of woods. There are a variety of usages with this club so it can be supplementary of a long iron, or it can be a replacement of a fairway wood. Many people found that a hybrid has a face that is easier to hit compare to a long iron because of the loft, and unlike a fairway wood it makes a smart move on the rough instead of cutting into it. It’s also relatively easy to get used to swinging this club, which is a big plus for new users.

The accuracy of this hybrid is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity. Their performance is undeniable especially in a not-so-ideal situation like a shot from thick rough or small space near a tree. The club takes care of funny swings and slow swings, and gives you nice shots. You might be surprised how well your ball flies with this club, particularly when you are forced to give it a bad swing. PING’s technologies makes consistent trajectories with reduced ball spin. This hybrid clubs are great weapon for strategic players.

The small smart looking head includes a toe pad internally to make the center of gravity lower and closer to the face.

The weight is distributed in a clever way so that it makes perfect sense for more distance, more forgiveness and more performance. You are more likely to hit nice straight shots easily with this club. So it’s a wise option to have whenever you feel uncomfortable to use long irons or fairway woods. You don’t have to fight against tough situations, you can fight smart instead.

It makes solid sounds but it’s soft on grips. The relatively large offset might trick you at first especially if you like irons with nearly no offsets. Unless you absolutely hate the offset, it’s worth getting used to, because once you manage to control the club well, it gives you huge flexibility. Hybrid clubs wouldn’t normally give you a complicated swing mechanism unlike some long irons so it’s not much of problems for most golfers.

No matter what your handicap is, the PING G15 Hybrid gives you the confidence to play smart. This can be a strong helper for your next perfect game.


Dean Byron is a writer who specializes in sports and wellness activities. You can checkout his latest website at PING G15, where he provides information and reviews of the famous golf clubs, including the powerful PING G15 Driver, Hybrid and Irons.

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