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Polar Bear and Climate Change

Many organization and many individuals have been in the forefront of many battles won and lost in the history. But not in our so called illustrious history an animal has been in the forefront of a struggle. A struggle in which it is unknowingly dragged into, A struggle that will define its existence. The photo provided below taken by Dan Crosbie have sent cripples all over the world.

The picture looks like a Mother and cub resting in the top of a ice sculpture done by waves have sent ripples all over the world. Let me remind you that Polar Bear are extremely decent swimmers. But yet they may be in sight of being endangered. What makes them so attractive is the their cute and innocent face, which make them so lovable compared to their bear brothers.

Anything that is cute and innocent we humans have more affection to it. The traditional threats to the polar bear – hunting, toxic waste, offshore drilling – have been overshadowed by a new one: the ice around them is melting, and we are to blame.At the end of December, the US Secretary of the Interior revealed the US Fish and Wildlife Service was considering adding the polar bear to its list of threatened species.This is a more significant addition to the at-risk list than a rare gazelle or panther: it is an admission, after years of denial, of the existence of global warming. Every country in this world is coming to a point where they have to admit the existence of Global Warming and take necessary steps to reverse it. Otherwise may be in the far future we will have ourselves being listed in the endangered species. Some days before I was watching the construction of the famous Ice Hotel in the National Geographic Channel.

Usually the construction of the Hotel will begin in beginning of November and end by end of December.

Not the last time, it started after a delay of 3 weeks – because the outside climate was too warm for the construction of Hotel. The construction of Ice Hotel should not have any significance in common man’s life but the shifting of the winter by 3 weeks surely going to have significant effect.

The impact of the melting ice on polar bear become more severe in coming years. Earlier melting of spring ice and the later formation of autumn ice has an immediate impact on their ability to feed. In some areas there is evidence that sea ice breaks up three weeks earlier than it did 30 years ago.More young cubs are found dead each year; adults have lost weight, from an average of 650lb in 1980 to 507lb in 2004; there have been instances of cannibalism; and in western Hudson Bay the polar bear population decreased from 1,200 in the mid-Nineties to less than 1,000 in 2004. There are thought to be between 20,000 and 25,000 polar bears in the world, and all but one member of the PBSG(Polar Bear Specialist Group) believe global warming poses a critical threat to their long-term survival. The exception, quoted by contrarian writers, is Dr Mitchell Taylor from the Government of Nunavut, who remains sceptical about the climate modelling projections and their impact. ‘I’m not sure I understand his logic,’ Stirling says. ‘However, at the last meeting of the IUCN PBSG in Seattle in June 2005 the group [including Dr Taylor] unanimously agreed to classify the polar bear as vulnerable.’

If we don’t add quickly these cute and innocent looking creature will become a thing of past. These big creatures who was adopted by Coca Cola to spearhead their Cola campaign will become a very distant memory.The Cola Bear reinforced the notion that Coke was best served ice-cold, and it was a drink that spread the love: the bears, who made deep and reassuring guttural noises and never had seal blood on their fur, were represented in family groups playing with penguins and admiring the Aurora Borealis. There was no cuter or more deceptively cuddly anthropomorphism on the tundra – the little ones even wore red scarves – and merchandise followed; keyrings, soft toys, pencil toppers, now quite big on eBay. The only downside for the polar bears was they didn’t own their image rights.

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