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Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary

Location – Near Munnar, Kerala Area Covered – 97 Sq Km Major Wildlife Attractions – Mountain goat, Elephant, Gaur Located 15 km away from Munnar, Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise of wildlife lurks. It is proud to shelter half the world’s population of Nigiri Tahr. The majestic land fascinates the visitors for its exotic species of fauna and avifauna. The sanctuary is trying its best to preserve the rare mountain goat which is about to extinct. Wildlife Attractions of Sanctuary Fauna Have a thrilling experience of spotting numerous fauna species in the dense forests of Rajamala wildlife sanctuary. The major species found here includes panther, spectacle cobras, turtles, deer, elephant, gaur, deer, monkeys, antlers, lemurs, leopard, macaque, Nilgai, python, sambar and many more. Bird Species It is truly an exciting activity to watch the birds like darters, bonnet macaques, little cormorants etc., hopping from one branch to another branch of a tree. Flora The sanctuary is rich in flora species. Neelakurinji are the beautiful flowers and one of the major attraction here. The unique features of this flower is that it blooms only once in 12 years. The sanctuary is also blessed with numerous medicinal plants, shrubs and herbs. Adventure Activities Apart from spotting several fauna species also indulge in an exciting adventure of trekking. The typical topography of Rajamala wildlife sanctuary offers an opportunity to the trekkers to explore some beautiful trekking routes. Best time to visit The best time to visit Rajamala sanctuary is from October to March. How to reach Air: Kochi International airport is the nearest airport from the sanctuary Rail: Kottayam railway station is the nearest railhead Road: The Rajamala wildlife sanctuary is connected with Munnar, Anamudi, Kumarakon and Kodaikkanal with good network of road.

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