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Review On Callaway RAZR X Hybrid

Though Callaway said goodbye to the X series this year, they have the new RAZR X series waiting in the wings to fill the gap. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to review the newest Callaway RAZR X Hybrid, which is made with a zero roll design so that golfers can hit higher and longer shots.

Key Features

Built for Power and Precision
VFT Technology to increase the size of the sweet spot
Razr X zero roll design to produce higher launch angles and more distance
Inertia driven club for more forgiveness and straighter shots
Built with an offset to make it easier to square the club face
Hybrid designed specifically for Women

The RAZR X Hybrid is built with a zero roll technology allowing for a higher launch angle even if the golfer hits the ball lower on the face than they would like.  The standard model has more of an offset than the tour model and is built to help square the club face easier at impact.  This also helps to instill confidence in the golfer at address. The advanced design of this club allows for maximum impact, square to the ball, thus increasing your accuracy and distance.

The Callaway RAZR X Hybrids come in two versions, the standard and the tour.  This means that they fit nearly every lady that is out there.  The standard is built more for the mid to high handicap golfer and the tour model is built for the more skilled golfer.

Overall, the new golf club help golfers hit higher and longer shots, even with low face shots. This inertia-driven club is highly playable and features aggressive VFT Technology that generates hotter ball speeds in either standard or Tour models, so you can dial in your ideal performance.

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