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Saving Money With a Hybrid Car

Gas prices are up. No, wait, they’re down. No, it’s summer time, and they’re up again. Isn’t it time to get off the gas price roller coaster?

You could leave your old gas guzzler home and opt for public transportation-provided you live in a larger enough metropolitan area where buses and/or trains run with appropriate frequency. You could carpool-provided you can find someone who lives near enough to your home, who works near enough to your job, and whose schedule pretty much parallels yours. You might even be able to ride a bicycle to work-provided you don’t live more than a few miles from your place of employment. These options will work for some people, but they certainly don’t work for everyone.

A hybrid car, however, is a solution for anyone who wants to start saving some money. It is true that the initial price of such a car may be a bit higher than a similar sized traditional vehicle. That premium price, however, will begin to pay for itself as gas prices fluctuate and rise as they inevitably will do. There is no question that a hybrid vehicle will get better gas mileage than a comparably sized traditional vehicle.

That improved gas mileage means more money in your pocket. Whether your commute is a few miles of stop-and-go downtown traffic, a long haul over many miles of freeway, or a mix of stop-and-go/highway miles, you will save money on gas. If your commute is of the stop-and-go variety, you may find yourself using very little gas on your daily commute.

For the long distance drives, you will certainly use less gas. Using less gas means more money in your pocket. You may find that your hybrid vehicle is also cheaper to insure than its traditional counterpart or that your state or employer gives you some additional perks for going green with your vehicle.

You may be able to travel in carpool lanes and cut down your commute times (using even less gas, saving even more money). Your car may be eligible for some rebates and/or tax credits. Get off the gas price roller coaster. Spend a few extra dollars to buy a hybrid and start saving some money over the long haul.

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