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Spiritual Energy Renewal – Transmitting Your Shadow Self

When we are born, we are born with 100% of our life force, but as we age, our Energy Stake dwindles. As we get older, our life force diminishes because we have accepted that this is the way it has to be and because we hold on to:

– Our untruths (fear motivators rather than self-love and self-acceptance motivators)
– Attachment to outcomes (expectations)
– Self-deceptions (judgments, lack of compassion and inacceptance of things such as they are with total detachment)
– Emotional backlogs (e.g. from family and from previous lives or karmic debts).

The Line of Shadow or Illusion is the energy stake on the left is the shadow or unconscious energy reservoir, which increases as we grow older, reducing the energy stake on the right, which is the percentage of life force we consciously work with.

I have understood for a while now that energy is not positive or negative: it just is. I also know through the Theory of Relativity of Einstein that energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed.

So I have came to the conclusion that, if we have a shadow self, then we have an untapped reservoir of energy or life savings that we are not using, at least productively or efficiently. That is, giving us the highest possible interest.

With all this information, I decided to engage in a conscious, disciplined, persistent and faithful activity of taking chunks out of my shadow self and transforming them into light, or life force, or conscious energy. This is one way to firstly, slowing down your aging and secondly, developing your potential. Reading newspapers stories about oil prices and the general issue of energy sustainability, which is worrying humanity quite badly, I started to meditate on the connection between finances, inner energy and world energy.

Our bodies have energy cycles, just like the world financial markets move in cycles: it is astounding to see how markets that perform well for a cycle, just slow down at other times, while some other unexpected markets start booming. I always have found it fascinating how in any dire situation, there is always someone who sees the opportunity and benefits from it while others only see boom and gloom. And the link between the inner and outer energy cycles is what I found in the I Ching, or Ancient Chinese Oracle of Change: even though the outer manifestation of change may take different shapes depending on the historic era we may live in, the inner energy cycles are always the same throughout the history of the earth and humanity.

So I wanted to cash in or convert my shadow energy into good and usable currency. In doing so, I found the following distinctions:

Non-converted shadow energy is the equivalent of non-refined oil:
– It needs a lot of work to maintain it (high maintenance, low efficiency)
– It needs a lot of effort to extract (high input, low output)
– It needs a strong will or hard work (struggle, the opposite to flow)
– It creates a lot of stress (or being out of alignment with our life path)

In order to add this non-converted shadow energy into our sustainable energy stake or positive life force, one can use the following tools:

1. The Rod of relationships:
Every relationship mirrors something that we love or reject in ourselves. When we focus on the negative things we see in others, we are indulging our shadow self creating an energy drain or energy leak.

The only solution is to work on ourselves until we find the fear that underpins this manifestation of the loss of life force, which is merely the tip of the iceberg of our psyche, an attitude, and forgive it, understand it, release it and transmute it.

Automatically, this has the effect to make the problem or perception disappear because this is a holographic reality that exists only in our mind. So as we change our perception, the reality associated to it falls away. It is no longer a reminder that there is a chunk of energy waiting to be transmuted.
It is part of our cycles, an energy ebb which drags us backwards.

When we fight it, we struggle further to maintain it. You can’t resist it; only go along with it until the cycle is over and the energy is ready to return to your system, healed or converted into a further test at a higher level of consciousness.

2. The Hook of resonance:
Every feeling or emotion is a resonance guiding you where your untapped energy reservoir is.Negative energy is very costly energy; it takes a lot of effort to maintain because it is not in integrity or alignment with our Highest Self or Highest Potential. It is what I call an untruth, a false belief, which has not been integrated in our system, and it takes conscious or unconscious manipulation to keep it existing, to hold it together.

Positive energy is highly refined energy with which we can work and creates a flow of synchronicities in our lives that liberates us to ex-press who we are. It continuously expands in order to show us new possibilities. It is self-maintaining and creates momentum and motivation.

It is an energy flow which pushes us forwards. All it wants from us is that we open up our Heart Chakra or Heart Centre, in order to become aware of the wonders gifted to us, and create a self-ful(l)-fill-ing vibration of gratitude and love (the only energy that really is).

In order to understand the cycles of energy and money, one should be advised to follow the Ancient Teachings and observe the Moon cycles. These affect our energy tides and teach us how to work with them. As we synchronise our patterns and rhythms with those of the earth and the Universe in general, our lives align themselves into synchronicities.

We are children of the Earth and without her electro-magnetic energies, we lose out a generative and unlimited free energy source. E.g. when we walk in nature we heal; when we breathe, we oxygenate our system, which wakes up our cells and organs. In nature, we assimilate the energy of the sun-light and moon-light, especially during sunsets and sun rises, which charge our life-force field with prana.

So what I realised is that all this work I have now been doing for many years was to prepare my earth body for the job I came here to do.

While I was living in the UK I spent the first 7 years reading a compilation of books called Mysteries of the Unknown. I felt compelled to read them all the time and I believe that at the time their purpose was to open my mind.

After working on my mind for those years, I grew out of the then existing marriage and the time came to dissolve it. This pushed me to find my inner strength: I realised that I could never rely on anyone else to give me what I needed, since everyone else is fighting for their own energy survival, and so I started to work on my spiritual path. For the next 10 years (and now for the rest of my life!) I worked on my spiritual self, and for about 6 of these years I was working on my emotional self.

All of this created a need in me to ground all the work so far done and the higher energies I had downloaded. Hence, it was time to come to a country of high spiritual energy and, after 17 years in the UK, I moved to South Africa. I knew intuitively that this would give me an opportunity to integrate all these higher energies at all levels of being. And so I have spent the last couple of years integrating the Mind, Spirit and Emotional bodies that I had so far worked to develop. This is allowing me to create an manifest my life path in practical ways.

When I came to South Africa I felt compelled to read economy, business and finance intensely. This led me to understand that energy is a resource that needs to be worked with, saved, invested, carefully looked after, cleaned, etc. Just like we do with money. Just like we do with fuel. This expansive understanding has shifted my mind into feeling more empowered: suddenly, I feel rich in possibilities for highly refined, low cost personal or spiritual energy, which has transmuted the energy held in my shadow self into a general sentiment of empowerment, possibilities, entrepreneurship and other positive trends currently resonating with the focus of this writing.

The book Spiritual Alchemy, by Dr. Christine Page, helped me enormously as I understood the following energy shifts:

“There are 5 Drivers of Manifestation or five main fuel/forces that are used for most of our creative activities:

1. Instinctual, physiological, practically unconscious […] Primarily survival-based. Energy cost: 95% outgoing, 5% in return. It is equivalent to fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. Linked with foods that are processed or vitamins and minerals robbed of their connection with the earth.

2. Emotional mixed with lower psychic activity expressed as hoping, wishing, desiring, wanting; Semi-conscious. This energy is commonly used in power games where one person gains at the expense of another using large amounts of manipulation and the incitement of guilt, duty, anger, control, etc.

Always associated with large doses of expectation. Energy cost: 75% outgoing, 25% in return. (Energy is always lost despite an apparent win). It is equivalent to power from the denser form of the elements such as wind, solar, hydro- and hydrogen-based. Linked also with live foods that are recently taken from the soil, especially when organic and where they have been grown with your fair hands.

3. Mind power stimulating the mental body expressed through willing, trying, bargaining, believing or thinking; Employing increasing levels of conscious intention and working relationship between mind and body. Associated with the use of crystals, colour and sound. On a negative level […] energy is lost through stubbornness and the tendency to lock horns with a similarly wilful individual. Energy cost: 50% outgoing, 50% in return. It is equivalent to power from breath, prayer, meditation, right thought […] Nuclear power is a link between emotional and mental although we are still uncertain how to use this wisely.

4. Knowing from the place of the heart (compassion) and third eye (detached wisdom), expressed also as allowing, merging and flowing; the strength now comes from within and an expanding connection to the Universal flow of energy and consciousness. Personality and Soul work as one with clarity of perception, an intimate connection to “right” timing and an optimal use of energy without waste. Associated with symbols, sacred geometry and higher frequencies of light and sound. Energy cost: 25% outgoing, 75% in return. This exchange is dependent on right relationships and sacred reciprocity where there is a flow of energy without attachment. This is pure alchemy, with the ability to draw energy in through the pores of our being in the name of love or connection.

5. Being where there is no separation between ourselves and the Source; There just is! Enlightenment. Energy cost: 0% outgoing, 100% in return. It is equivalent to pure light energy. There is a constant supply of pure energy from the Source. No need for external energy as “fed” from within. Unification.

These fuels become more dense and faster as we move from “instinctual to being” emitting less pollution and hence offering greater benefits to the planet and our own spiritual well-being. The Ancient People would say that our aim is to move individually and as a race from the denser fuels to the lighter ones, reducing the amount of smog that prevents us from connecting on a deeper level”.

Having understood and worked on the above information, I then came to the knowledge of the initiation of the anchoring of the Chris Consciousness, which requires a CRUCIFIXION: you are stripped of every single attachment to your material securities so that you can walk in balance without holding hands, just like a child who is learning to walk with the aid of his parents. I now feel very much not holding on to anything, just walking.

In my case, this Crucifixion took the following shape:

1. Letting go of external gurus and cutting the spiritual umbilical cord creating my own direct spiritual links.
2. Letting go of 17 years in the UK and the mentality gained there, having to open up my mind-set to new possibilities.
3. Letting go of my family in Spain and not being able to seeing them as often as I used to, especially my sister’s children, who I miss so much! This forced me to work on clan and karmic automatic behaviour patterns.
4. Letting go of any remaining victim mentality and take control of my destiny, e.g. aligning with my life path.
5. Letting go of having to’s and relaxing into enjoyment and acceptance of my present or gifts.
6. Letting go of making it or striving to make it and realizing that I have already arrived (because in fact, we are always there, so there is nowhere to arrive at!).
7. Letting go of worrying about running out of time to achieve my life work (because in fact, in the Universal scale of things, time is irrelevant and so everything happens perfectly according to a bigger plan!).
8. Letting go of my partner so that he would be free to stay with me by his own choice and not by duty or expectation, co-dependency in our relationship or the like.

So the energy I am gathering is that of acceptance, allowing and a higher radiance.

In her book Sacred Contracts, by Caroline Myss says:

“Every circumstance is an opportunity to surrender to the Divine in some way.Every act of surrender earns a timeless intervention: time is lessened and timelessness is increased in your energy field. Thought comes into form more rapidly when you are not dragging linear, chronological history (time): your energy is increased, your aging slows and your body creates health.”

People who make timeless choices radiate energy, or charisma, drawing others into their field of Divine Protection, or faith made manifest.

Dense energy such as memories, attitudes, beliefs, history, life experiences, unfinished business, etc, is Lead: it affects the density of our biology – slows down the speed with which healthy cells processes normally work, increasing illness and weight.

Weight becomes Wait – you have to wait longer for change to occur, inadvertently delaying opportunities.

Healing facilitates the flow of energy that was pulling you into the past, returning this energy to the present time, where it enhances the vibration of your entire system. Healing challenges come from the stress produced from not pursuing your path/talents or not opening up emotionally to people so you allow key relationships to disintegrate. These challenges will help you consolidate the fragments of your psyche.

And this is, in a nutshell, what I am doing in Cape Town: acquiring highly refined energy and discarding time so that I can release my full potential and carry out the task that I was appointed for in this incarnation.

Dr Ana Garcia has a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Sciences specializing in Transpersonal Counselling (integration of higher consciousness in the counseling process) and a Masters degree in Education and Languages. She is a Coach U CTP graduated Life and Business Coach and has a management qualification with the British Institute of Management.

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