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Survey Shows Huge Potential For Development Of Ecological Toy Market

Analysis of the overall toy market, China has low per capita consumption levels toys, but as the economy continues to grow and significantly increase rural income, the Chinese toy market will be gradually showing amazing potential.

 China Toy Association and the China Social Investigation Office survey, China now has 200 million 86 million 14 years of age children and adolescents. Their average annual per capita consumption of only 20 yuan toys (2.4 U.S. dollars) to 30 yuan (3.6 U.S. dollars) yuan, much lower than the Asian children per capita consumption of 13 U.S. dollars and toys of children around the world consumption of 34 U.S. dollars per capita level of toys. If China’s toy consumption to reach the Asian average, the market scale will exceed 30 billion yuan is expected. The Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau issued “China’s toy market,” a comprehensive survey report is expected, the mainland toy market future will grow at 40% annually by 2010, sales will be more than 100 billion yuan. Huge piece of cake not only the domestic toy manufacturers are excited, but also eager foreign counterparts.

 International market is also a lot of Chinese toy enterprises in target markets, particularly the United States, the European Union and Japan. The United States is the world’s largest consumer market for toys, toys consumption per capita reached 340 U.S. dollars, toy sales accounted for 30% of total world sales. EU imports of toys each year 60-90 million euros, of which imports from China accounted for 66% -80%, is also China’s major toy export market. This year China’s toy exports to Germany will be more than 1.4 billion euros.

 Toy market is really a great piece of cake, but not everyone can share.

Does not change the traditional toys of new development has been restricted.

Construct a low carbon economy in China is moving in the development of eco-products implies a large market opportunities, eco-market, consumer demand is unlimited growth, ecological development of the market potential is enormous. Open ecological market risk, high success rate, with very stable. Eco-toy market is still in the blank space can open up great, who became a pioneer in this field, who will become the largest eco-toy market profiteers. Promote regime change toys, set off a new whirlwind of entertainment. Article stressed the urgent need quickly joined the eco-toy market, missed. Happy Farm Eco Mania multiple advantages of a build-up,

 Happy farm cartoon, a blessing, keep up with fashion designs, which can grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers fruits and vegetables, as well as Vigor, mimosa. The entire pot can be compressed in a fine in books. Growing up is also easy to survive. Not troubled by pests and diseases. Garden of Eden which can grow colorful variety of vegetables and flowers and pleasant, fresh smell in the office inside and interesting, wonderful natural representation of the ecological environment, have the dual advantages of toys and pets, vivid, true, fun and interesting, varied and always worth the wait.

 She’s puzzle, science is strong, can play in learning knowledge and explore the world of mystery, the fun of physical and mental relaxation. All ages can play, suitable for all people. Green, natural, environmentally friendly, low carbon, more than can be used repeatedly. Toys, pets, decoration, education, and many market caught. New products to attract attention, the market blank, pleasant sales potential.

 Both informative and interesting, group, market area, through sales to join their fun toy farm ecological cooperation will yield rich, the investment is the best choice to find a good project.

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