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Sustainability And Ecological Footprint

When calculating the ecological footprint takes into account the parameters such as food, transportation, housing, energy, waste, etc.. We should all meet their own needs to 1.8 hectares. However, the world now consumes an average of 2.2 hectares per capita, which means that spends beyond sustainability.
Ecological footprint is a method of calculating how many states, regions, cities, and pressure on individuals and consume the planet. This method clearly shows in which segments are living unsustainably.

This is how the world looks the size of ecological footprint


Sustainable development is development towards meeting the needs of present generations without compromising future ability to meet their needs. The concept of sustainable development was the idea to the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro 1992nd year. Sustainable development aims to create a “better world”, balancing social, economic and environmental factors, given the current needs of the people, and those generations who come after them. Therefore, the selflessness is one of the key theses of sustainable development. It follows and sustainable living as a way of life which, in the use of natural resources to meet human needs, environment-without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Such a way of life provides long-term survival of plant and animal species, biodiversity, natural balance and peaceful coexistence of all people on the planet.

Dia do Municpio de Gaia, the em-COMEM Warmth

As comemoraes to Cidade do Dia / Dia do Municpio de Vila Nova de Gaia, seeking a Villa de umas das Warmth cantoras Ilustres mais de Portugal, Dulce Pontes.

A Vila de Grillet entra neste Roteiro de comemoraes to 25 aniversrio to elevao de Vila Nova de Gaia, a cidade e do Dia do Municpio. A Cerimonia Solene presidida ser pelo Presidente da Cmara Municipal de Gaia, Lus Filipe Menezes, foi o local escolhido and Alameda do Mosteiro de So Salvador de Grillet, que posteriormente forces on t aguardado espectculo de Dulce Pontes.

O Dia do Municpio de Vila Nova de Gaia celebrado com a atribuio de medalhas a cidados que de alguma forma admirveis too servios ao Municpio de Gaia e aos seus conterrneos.

First believe in yourself, then others will believe you.gaia gold

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