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Sydney ? the wildlife heaven

Sydney is one of the most diverse places when it comes to different species of animals, birds, reptiles or plants. The city is renowned for its flora and fauna. The region around the city offers a favorable habitat for more than 1000 different species. The most common species found around the city of Sydney include Crustaceans, Lace Corals, Anemones, green turtles and different varieties of spiders. Wild life experts and nature lovers are the most common of all the tourists those visit the city of Sydney. Flights to Sydney are often filled with such people throughout the year.
Australia has more than 200 different varieties of amphibians which are mainly frogs and toad. Out of these 200 varieties, more than 40 are found in Sydney alone. One of the most important reasons of Sydney being so hospitable for different species is the availability of fresh as well as sea water. Apart from amphibians, there are almost 250 different species of fishes found in Australia out of which 25 are found in and around Sydney area. These species give a different ambience to the costal as well as the area near the harbor of the city of Sydney. There are as much as 500 other varieties of sea animals around the city which includes squirts, sea stars, urchins and other organisms.  
Sydney harbor and the surrounding area can be considered as the most favorable home for Sharks and whales. There are more than 60 different species of these animals found in the city area out of which more than half of this number can be seen easily near the harbor.
The other category of living beings is birds which add to the rich wild life profile of the city. A number of different kinds of birds can be seen all over the city as well as outskirts areas.

Some of these are seasonal birds while others are the permanent habitants of the city.
The city also has a distinct address for the wild life enthusiasts called Sydney Wildlife Park. This park is a home for many reptiles including different species of snakes and lizards, centipedes, mammals Wallabies, wombats, platypuses, fairy penguins, Tasmanian tigers and the world famous kangaroos & koala.
Sydney is a must on the list of every wild life enthusiast and nature lover. You can see different varieties of life concentrated at a place called Sydney. So book your sydney flights and don’t bother about the season, Sydney will not let you down.


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