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Climate Change Means ‘Virtually No Male Turtles’ Born In A Key … – NPR

NPRClimate Change Means 'Virtually No Male Turtles' Born In A Key ...NPRLike many reptiles, the sex of a turtle is determined by how warm the egg is as it's being incubated. And small temperature differences can cause dramatic changes in the male-to-female ratio.Green sea turtles are turning all-female due to climate changeQuartzClimate change turns 99.8 percent of sea turtle babies in Australia femaleWink NewsClimate Change Is Causing 99% of Australian Sea Turtles to Be Born FemaleOuter [read more]

Opened bottle of mineral water “born again” Muckraking – mineral water bottle, mineral water – Food Industry

Same supermarket Sell Of pure water, and some purchase price is 12 yuan / each (24 bottles), some only 8 yuan, or even less. You Sha difference? Water plant in Daqing city manager is responsible for troops told reporters: Some recycled waste water plant Plastic bottles After the processing of re-use, not just the price of bottled water is low, the quality of cause for concern. To find out the old plastic bottles suddenly become Drinks Packaging of "inside information", the reporter took a few days, [read more]