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University Research into Alternative Energy

Decades of tree and biomass research jointly conducted by Florida Statue University and Shell Energy have resulted in the planting of the largest single “Energy Crop Plantation” in the entire United States. This Plantation spans approximately 130 acres and is home to over 250,000 planted trees including cottonwoods (native to the area) and eucalyptus (which are non-invasive) along with various row crops such as soybeans. This organization of “super trees” was brought into being as a result [read more]

An Energy Crisis? What Is An Energy Crisis And Should We Be Concerned?

A decline in economic growth is one of the signs of an energy crisis. We are in a recession and our resources are depleting faster than ever before. Do you remember the US energy crisis of 1973? 1979? An energy crisis threatens the economic security of a nation. The warning signs that were in place back in the 70’s, before we experienced those crisis’, appear to be very much in place again today. Our energy consumption is increasing faster than production. The natural resources of the world are [read more]