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Health and Environmental Benefits of HEPA Filter Vacuums

  Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that is beneficial to your health and the environment? If so, you should consider buying a HEPA filter vacuum. High efficiency particulate air filter can be both beneficial to your health and also your surroundings.    But first, what exactly is HEPA filter? This is a filter that can trap 99.97 % of even the tiniest airborne particles. Even if it is as small as 0.3 microns, the filter can still remove it. Smaller particles are captured and trapped by the [read more]

Environmental Benefits and Information About HEPA Vacuums

  You probably heard a lot about global warming already and how it can destroy the world. The extreme climate changes are a start of the effects of this phenomenon. This is also the reason why a lot of companies are making environmentally friendly products and why consumers are reaping the environmental benefits of such items.   If you have asthma, you probably suffer more than any other person on the planet because of the climate changes, pollution, dusts and other things that are bad not only [read more]

Best Air Purifiers

Picking the best air purifier is a very difficult decision since the need of each allergy or asthma situation has different needs.  Adding to this tough task is different allergens and different types of home pollutions are removed in different ways. Below are some comparisons of some of the more popular type of air purifiers. Air Purifiers with HEPA (High Energy Particle Arresting) filters were originally developed for the atomic energy commission and are used in commercial clean rooms to remove [read more]