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Big Oil says government climate change lawsuits are a “conspiracy” – Quartz

QuartzBig Oil says government climate change lawsuits are a “conspiracy”QuartzThe energy giant ExxonMobil claims to be “caught in the crosshairs” of a major political “conspiracy.” The oil company says in a Jan. 9 Texas state court filing that “a collection of special interests and opportunistic politicians are abusing law ... climate change - Google News [read more]

Toxic Gas Lawsuits Against Environmental Protection Agency

Within the past couple years, several states and organizations have filed toxic gas lawsuits against the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The central argument centers on the interpretation of the 1970 Clean Air Act, how to define and regulate "air pollutants", and if it is the responsibility of the EPA to do so. The first of these lawsuits was filed back in 2005 in the D.C District Court of Appeals by groups such as the Sierra Club and the Environmental Integrity Project. The toxic gases [read more]