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Climate Change Means ‘Virtually No Male Turtles’ Born In A Key … – NPR

NPRClimate Change Means 'Virtually No Male Turtles' Born In A Key ...NPRLike many reptiles, the sex of a turtle is determined by how warm the egg is as it's being incubated. And small temperature differences can cause dramatic changes in the male-to-female ratio.Green sea turtles are turning all-female due to climate changeQuartzClimate change turns 99.8 percent of sea turtle babies in Australia femaleWink NewsClimate Change Is Causing 99% of Australian Sea Turtles to Be Born FemaleOuter [read more]

Safeguard male fertility with environmental factors

A number of scientific studies have shown that around the world, male sperm counts have been halved in the past 40-50 years and are falling continuously at a rate of 2% every year. Some of the primary reasons behind this decline range from poor lifestyle, eating habits, increasingly stressful lifestyles, and environmental factors. Also, aging is considered as one of the main reasons behind a significant drop in male fertility. Traditionally, it was believed that men’s fertility remains intact [read more]