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Climate Change Means ‘Virtually No Male Turtles’ Born In A Key … – NPR

NPRClimate Change Means 'Virtually No Male Turtles' Born In A Key ...NPRLike many reptiles, the sex of a turtle is determined by how warm the egg is as it's being incubated. And small temperature differences can cause dramatic changes in the male-to-female ratio.Green sea turtles are turning all-female due to climate changeQuartzClimate change turns 99.8 percent of sea turtle babies in Australia femaleWink NewsClimate Change Is Causing 99% of Australian Sea Turtles to Be Born FemaleOuter [read more]

The effects of climate change will force millions to migrate. Here’s what this means for human security. – Washington Post

Washington PostThe effects of climate change will force millions to migrate. Here's what this means for human security.Washington PostClimate change is more than melting ice caps and swamped islands. The environmental effects of climate change — droughts, floods and severe weather, for instance — have increasingly put more people on the move. In 2015, the U.N. Refugee Agency ... climate change - Google News [read more]

Environmental Development by means of Green Solutions

The latest progeny of climate change has led various companies to propagate innovations towards green solutions campaign.  Their growing aphorism towards zero waste in both developing and developed countries sheds new light towards a green campaign. These companies intend to convert waste into useful by products that could be of use in the world market. Finding solutions for a problem is never easy, it is a challenge where you have to determine what would be the best in that specific situation. [read more]

Environmental consultants can suggest best means to handle hazardous materials

As the name implies hazardous materials are things that have the capacity of causing harm to humans, environment, and other living organisms as well as to property in severe cases. These materials can be in any state, viz. solid, liquid and gas. There are specially trained people who have the ability, training as well as license of handling these extremely hazardous materials. There are various categories of materials that can be labeled under dangerous goods. These include explosives, pathogenic [read more]

Workshop To Discuss Means Of Energy Conservation

WGAL's Brian Roche, at Wilson College energy workshop on Saturday, confirmed that United States’ oil consumption has cut down from 20.9 million barrels per day to in 2005 to 18.8 million barrels per day in 2009. "We are trending in the right direction, but we need to do more," Roche added. The workshop was conducted by Chris Mayer, of the Fulton Center for Sustainable Living of Wilson College. During the workshop, Mayer stressed on the use of renewable energy. He explained that fossil fuels are [read more]

Environmental Public Relations Means Green SSS

Green Peace, tree huggers, people who wear Birkenstocks - they all used to be closely associated with environmental public relations as they set about to save the world from itself.  Of course, as more and more people joined the movement and became concerned about the world’s resources, companies started to get on board as well.  Of course, trumpeting such things as “Employee Recycling Day” and “Adopt-a-Highway” Day as major environmental public relations events.  A photo op and goodbye [read more]