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We Successfully Reduced The Ozone Hole, Is Climate Change Next? – Forbes

ForbesWe Successfully Reduced The Ozone Hole, Is Climate Change Next?ForbesA new study published today in the journal Science today discusses “the first fingerprints” of healing of the Antarctic ozone layer that protects life on Earth from dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It's a success story of environmental ...and more » climate change - Google News [read more]

Best Air Purifiers

Picking the best air purifier is a very difficult decision since the need of each allergy or asthma situation has different needs.  Adding to this tough task is different allergens and different types of home pollutions are removed in different ways. Below are some comparisons of some of the more popular type of air purifiers. Air Purifiers with HEPA (High Energy Particle Arresting) filters were originally developed for the atomic energy commission and are used in commercial clean rooms to remove [read more]