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Electric And Hybrid Cars Might Produce As Many Toxins As Diesels – Jalopnik

JalopnikElectric And Hybrid Cars Might Produce As Many Toxins As DieselsJalopnikNothing is easy. That's the big takeaway here. Almost every system we encounter is full of unseen complexity. A great example of this is found in a new study that suggests that electric and hybrid vehicles may actually produce as many atmospheric ... hybrid cars - Google News [read more]

Harmful Environmental Toxins And Beneficial Enzymes

Environmental toxins cause innumerable health hazards to humans as well as to our ecology. Enzymes on the other hand, are beneficial to health. How can you safe guard your body from the harm of environmental toxins? How do enzymes help to make your body strong? Read on to know more about the harmful toxins and healthy enzymes. Change your life style to make it healthier. Environmental toxins have risen to a level which human body is not able to handle anymore! What is the plight of humanity if the [read more]

Environmental Toxins Cause Disease and Health Problems

Chemicals found in plastics, personal grooming products, and pesticides can be toxic and even cancer causing. For years we thought that these chemicals came in such tiny amounts that they could not possibly cause harm to humans. However, as technology and biomonitoring improves, we are finally able to detect dangerous exposure to our body’s cells in such small amounts as one part per trillion. Levels of dangerous substances that used to be considered minuscule (well below the safety threshold [read more]

Air Pollution’s Effect on our Health

What we experienced at the Beijing Olympics, regarding air pollution should be a reminder to all of us to pay more attention to to what pollutants we are exposed to. Respiratory problems caused by air pollution is really not the major concern. We should also be concerned about its toxic effects on the heart and cardiovascular system, especially our blood vessels. Mounting research shows that toxins are a major cause of heart damage. According to an article published in the Journal of the American [read more]