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Titleist 910H Hybrid Review

In their newest technological advancement, the Titleist 910H Hybrid Club delivers ultimate performance and versatility, with improvements in flight, fit, looks, feel and sound. With a resigned look, the hybrid club generates a low spin but with a higher laungh angle for consistent shot making controls. The patented, innovative, dual-angle SureFit Tour (SFT) hosel technology allows you to set loft and lie independently to optimize ball flight – higher or lower, and for more draw or fade – for increased distance and improved shot control while an interchangeable shaft connection and a rear weight screw provide enhanced fitting options. The compact, high performance head with a rich black, PVD and paint finish inspires confidence at address and is acoustically engineered for a hot, solid sound and feel.

With a completely redesigned head, the sloped, ultra – thin crown design and on – axis rear weight screw create a low and deep centre of gravity for increased stability and speed through the turf. A more square shaped toe aids alignment and ultra – tight loft, lie and face angle tolerances – twice that of industry standards, create more visual and mechanical consistency from fitting to purchased club.

The 910H offset head profile includes a progressive centre of gravity that moves forward as you go up the lofts for an optimal, flighted performance. And its profile with aids alignment is acoustically engineered for a hot, solid sound and feels.Titleist 910D2 Driver.

Those that this hybrid is built for will gain accuracy and control from the different technologies that Titleist has used to build this golf club.

The redesign of the head makes this club easier to hit from the rough and from the fairway. This means that the golfer can use this club from many different lies. It also has adjustable loft and lie angles, which help make the club customizable to your game. This hybrid will help the right golfer with distance and will allow the golfer to move the ball both ways if they prefer to do so.

This beauty from Titleist is one of a kind with the adjustable weighted screws and the adjustable loft and lie angles. When you combine the customization of this club with the redesigned head you are getting a hybrid that only Titleist offers. This is truly one of a kind.Titleist 910 D3 Driver

The cost of Titleist 910H Hybrid on.

Titleist 910H Hybrid Graphite Shaft and Titleist 910H Hybrid degree 17,19,21,24.on golf wholesale store, discount price $ 95, save 50 %.

910H hybrid come with for titleist 712 irons is perfect

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