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VDS- A Hybrid Offering

VDS stands for virtual dedicated servers and it is the latest technology in the world of hosting services. This new technology is the perfect balance between shared and dedicated hosting since it is affordable but also very powerful.

Total Control of Websites

VDS is a hybrid offering that offers one major benefit to you- total control of your websites. Any serious online business owner would know how important it is to have full control of your websites today. This is especially important for expanding businesses that require control over their environment. With this new technology, you will have a cost effective and affordable alternative to a dedicated server. This type of hosting will provide you all the tools, functions and freedom you require to manage your websites the way you need.


Other than control, with VDS you can also have the peace of mind knowing that your websites are secure. Shared hosting can never provide you high level of security since the activities of every user on the server has the potential of harming your websites because the websites have the same operating system. However, with a virtual dedicated server the compartmentalization is done very efficiently so that nobody would have access to your system and the activities of other users will have no effect on your websites. You will have root access to your system and can reboot your system at any time you want in case there is a technical issue. Your host will distribute the physical resources among the accounts equally so every user will have allocated resources which would not have to be shared with others.

As it can be understood from all the points discussed above, a virtual hosting plan is right for you if your needs have outgrown the offerings of shared hosting.

However, it is best to research a little to understand what options are provided by hosting service providers, your operating system choices and all the terms and conditions of the company before you select a VDS plan.

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