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What’s The Feature of 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Carrying the theme “Evolution, the Green Revolution on Wheels” on the mat Seoul Motor Show 2011. Hyundai introduces several new vehicles are ‘green’ concept cars such good form Blue2 fueled FCEV fuel cell or hydrogen-electric, and production models which also feature the same theme as the Sonata Hybrid.

This environmentally friendly sedan has actually revealed the first time at New York Auto Show last year and Hyundai showed the new thinking. At that time he was present and brought the 2,000 cc engine and 6 speed automatic transmission.

Hyundai Blue Hybrid Drive developed architecture is a parallel hybrid drive system that can operate on an electric motor, internal combustion gasoline engine, and a combination of both depending on driving conditions and needs of the driver. Hyundai owners complete parallel architecture differs from split power technology used by most competitors, allowing significant efficiencies at high speeds.

Hyundai Blue Hybrid Drive is the first and only system using lithium polymer technology – run-competitive in the market, nickel-metal hydride and lithium ion battery applications. lithium polymer battery offers the benefits of lithium-ion technology used in laptops and cell phones, but adds robustness, power density and flexibility of the package, making it ideal for automotive applications. Hyundai Blue Hybrid Drive is also unique in its use of the company its highly efficient, compact new 6-speed transmission, modified with hybrid starter-generator, electric motor, low friction and oil pump, which together allow the elimination of traditional torque converter.

Sonata Hybrid has an electric motor-powered 40 dk.

And while last year in New York,Hyundai aiming for the American market for Sonata Hybrid.

Now, a year later of Hyundai also wants consumers in South Korea feel for this hybrid sedan driving experience.

In Korea alone, Hyundai Sonata gives some changes to the Hybrid. The engine is arguably not a lot of changes and still carry the powerful 148 hp engine combined 40 horsepower of electric motors. As well as having an economical fuel consumption rate that is 21 km / liter. Hyundai claimed the most economical in its class in Korea.

There are many aesthetic changes to the exterior. Like the hexagonal grille, headlamp, side sills and a new airdam. Then more aerodynamic front bumper, Eco-spoke rims and an exclusive color and emblem hybrid Hybrid Blue Drive complement her new look.

While the interior has a cluster of “Eco Gauge Guide” which helps the driver to drive economic character. More interior colors are offered in a choice of upholstery materials and patterns are also available in several options.

According to Hyundai, Hyundai’s latest main purpose is to give priority to quality improvement that will form a new value through new ideas, and build eco-friendly technology at the forefront to contribute to popularize the life of the ‘green’.

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