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Wildlife Conservation Projects ? Preserving..!! Protecting..!! Conserving..!!

Planet Earth houses a beautiful range of flora and fauna and that is what makes nature outstandingly beautiful. It is extremely important to conserve the various constituents of Earth so that the natural cycle of the planet remains unperturbed and keeps moving in the positive manner. For the elements of the planet to be in harmony with each other, conservation is mandatory. Some of the species of the planet Earth are on the edge of becoming extinct. The fast paced world with industrialization, urbanization is the reasons for this situation. This kind of lifestyle badly affects the territories and habitats of these living beings. Furthermore, with expansion of agricultural activities, fast industrialization, human beings neglect the natural world and disturb the ecosystem. This leads to numerous problems and disturbances in the environment which hinders the wholesome growth of nature.

The irresponsible attitude and recklessness of human beings lead to such situations. Wildlife Conservation Programs indeed does wonders in safeguarding these creatures and saving the planet. This eventually leads to harmony of all living creatures therefore keeping earth beautiful and prosperous.

Various NGO’s have started taking steps towards wildlife conservation projects like Project Elephant, Project Tiger etc. Government of India has initiated Project tiger to protect the big cat.

Also, national park and sanctuaries in India are increasingly being set up. Kaziranga National Park, Tiger Reserves of India, Kanha National Park Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Jim Corbett National Park and Ranthambore National Park are some of the Tiger reserves in India.

It is undeniably the need of the hour to understand how critical and important it is to protect, preserve and conserve the natural world.

Government and various organizations are now actively involved and aims towards safeguarding the natural environ. By ways of various laws, acts, regulations and campaigns, they work towards safeguarding the various species. Wildlife conservation programs are of significant importance to protect the wildlife species and keep Mother Earth as healthy as ever.

It is extremely important to know that if the ecosystem gets disturbed, it gives rise to a lot of natural problems. It upsets the food chain, climate change and other natural processes. The climate change and environment in India has also witnessed disturbances because of the imbalance in the natural ecosystem.

It is important for all of us to join hands and enhance the beauty of the planet in order to maintain the natural cycle of life.

Shomik Gupta is an expert content writer, who provide articles for Lion protection in India, Dolphin conservation projects. To know more about the Elephant Conservation in India Visit WWFIndia

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