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Winter equipment businesses quietly spring layout “bull” heaven and earth – water, Huaneng and installation – Electrical industry

Huaneng Group: building an internationally competitive large enterprise groups

2008 year is the development process of China Huaneng Group a very unusual year. Year, the China Huaneng Group encountered unprecedented difficulties and challenges. In this grim situation, the Huaneng Group installed capacity is still exceeded 85 million kilowatts, sales income over 150 billion yuan, China’s first generation to enter the world top 500 enterprises laid the foundation for building an internationally competitive large enterprise groups step on the road out a solid pace.

In the current international and domestic financial situation, the power generation business also faces many problems and shortcomings. Substantial increase in coal prices, electricity consumption continued to decline, coal linkage policy in place not the case, a sharp increase in operating costs of power generation industry, power generation business is still very grim. In 2009, Huaneng Group’s goal is: The main technical economic indicators remain the industry leader. In response to these objectives, Huaneng made: First, pay attention to weak links, and effectively improve the level of safety; Second, intensify structural adjustment, to maintain sound and fast development momentum; Third, in-depth internal potential, improve energy conservation standards; 4 is to promote reform and innovation, and enhance the vitality of enterprises.

State Machine Group: In 2009, three years of planning, poverty in

2008 beginning, the National Machine Group proposed the “three-year reconstruction of a new state machine” of strategic planning. As the starting year, 2008, the Group turnover reached 111.9 billion yuan, the main business revenue reached 93.3 billion yuan, total profit of 40 billion yuan, 17.28% net return on assets, are fully completed over the SAC assessment criteria and the task group’s business plan.

2009 machine group is called the country’s crucial three-year plan, is because of the financial crisis, the Group’s business development face serious challenges.

Engineering contracting business, as many investors adopted a tight project and see attitude, caused great difficulty for project development; with the financial support to weaken, oil and raw material prices fell, the international financing more difficult, to pay the host country capacity decreased, the implementation of the project exchange earnings increased risk. In the trade business, major customers in international trade more than in Europe and the United States, the economic recession led to reduced or delayed orders, some financial institutions out of business or be acquired, trade performance and increasing settlement risk. Equipment R & D and manufacturing operations, the state promulgated a series of policy implementation will take some time to show effect of short term R & D and manufacturing equipment business continues to face weak market demand overall negative environmental, product sales may continue to decline.

Response to these pressures, the National Machine Group of the 2009 income of 100 billion yuan main business development goals, specifically the eight priorities: First, expand trade, business, engineering and market competitiveness, and promote transformation and upgrading; Second, promote scientific and technological development to a new level, enhancing the competitiveness of main core; third deepen risk management; four internal and external resources to optimize the structure, with emphasis on the listing of enterprises work; Fifth, pay close attention to market development and project management, improve operational efficiency; Sixth, strengthen financial management to ensure that funding requirements; 7 is hard to learn and practice the scientific outlook on development, enhance the management level; 8 is to promote the building of enterprise culture and increase the intensity docking and fusion.

China Water Group: “Three Controls 3 strong and ensure that” risk prevention

The face of unfavorable economic situation, China’s Sino Hydro Corporation proposed the “three strong and three control to ensure” for risk prevention and control measures to deal with the complex and volatile in 2009, which strictly controls the debt ratio increased strictly control the scale of super-capacity void growth, and control the cash flow anomaly; strengthen our risk management and control, strengthening the lean project management, strengthen the non-infrastructure projects of Water Resources to develop and increase contracting business, and strive to increase revenue, expand market demand for space ; to ensure that the Group continued to develop steadily.

Specific to every one to work first, adjusting the international business strategy, market distribution and control mode. China Water Group has in Asia, Africa and Europe and the United States more than 50 countries and regions and economic and technological development project contract Cooperation Project, so the international turmoil in the financial situation of the Group increased vigilance.

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