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World Fair Trade Day, Fair Trade and Ecology

Fair Trade and Ecology are often complimentary. Fair trade promotes sustainable development because it encourages the use of natural resources in a responsible way, small batches or products are created and the methods used do not rely strongly on capital, oil or technology. Most times, fair trade crafts are handmade and agriculture does not rely on pesticides since poor farmers can’t afford them or don’t have access to them.

Fair Trade is committed to paying a fair wage, defined by the artisan/farmer and strives to form long-term partnerships with customers. In our case the cooperative we work with, CIAP also supports producers to develop a local market to sell their products, strenghtening fair trade networks and fostering awareness of the movement (Comercio Justo in Spanish)

Thank you to Fair Trade, developed countries are able to get unique and special products while supporting a trading system that prioritises peoples livelihoods and the environment. Our cooperative, for example, is developing an alternative tourism venture focusing on integrating the local communities in the touristic development of the different areas in the country with respect for their natural and cultural resources.

Like the International Fair Trade Federation says, “The communities of the developing world have amongst the lightest environmental footprints. However, these are the very people whose food security, livelihoods and homes are most threatened by climate change and environmental destruction. Fair Trade is a system that puts people and environment central to trading to promote social and environmental justice”

Fair Trade helps millions of people every day not only survive but escape the circle of povery so this Fair Trade Day May 10th, help us call all consumers to make a conscious decision and support Fair Trade, minimizing the impact they have in the environment.

Choose Fair Trade!

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