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Xingtai: “photovoltaic industry, the city” being – photovoltaic, solar, polysilicon – Electrical Industry

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Recently, the state settled PV high-tech industry base; last year the city PV industry output Chaobai Yi Yuan

1 12, the national high-tech industrial base PV assessment by Science and Technology, formally opened in Xingtai City Development Zone, which marks the Xingtai to support the PV industry as a strategy to create “photovoltaic industry, the city” has taken important step forward.

In recent years to seize the national and provincial Xingtai light industries and the opportunity to support the PV industry as a strategic industry to nurture and build from silicon materials, solar cells (components) to the system integration, power plant EPC a complete industrial chain, 2009 PV industry output value more than 10 billion yuan. According to the plan, by 2012, will be capable of silicon Xingtai 10,000 tons, 5,000 tons of polycrystalline silicon, optical glass 5 million weight cases, solar cells and modules production capacity of 1,500 MW, become important “photovoltaic industry City. “

Xingtai rich and the production of high quality silicon material quartz sand, reserves of 10 million tons. Currently, Xingtai photovoltaic industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, and continue forward to the end. Crystal Dragon Group is the world’s largest manufacturers of solar silicon, Jizhong Energy Group annual output 40,000 tons of trichlorosilane put into operation, will become China’s largest polysilicon raw material base. Jing Niu Group, Welcome Group and other large glass companies to develop production of ultra-white glass, conductive glass and microcrystalline thin film solar glass, photovoltaic applications for the development of glass, condenser system can stream all of devices and silicon-based thin film solar industry a tremendous potential.

Role of the government co-ordinate and guide function, tax, financial funds to support scientific and technological achievements, promote the introduction of new energy products such as industrial promotion policy.

Xingtai and Chinese Renewable Energy Society, Chinese Materials Research Society, established a strategic Shenzhen Solar Energy Society Cooperation Relations, and the establishment of the Joint Research Centre, Southeast University, and Wuhan University of Technology has established mechanisms to promote industrialization Chan Xueyan, and hired Chinese Academy of Engineering News of 34 experts for the immediate economic adviser, corporate development for the photovoltaic industry to provide technical and intellectual support. Crystal Dragon Group independently developed the “thin slice cut method,” manufacturing process to make silicon per kg more than the original cut out 6.67, 99% finished, with an annual output of 1000 tons silicon basis, alone efficiency can be 200 million yuan.

Play “State Torch Program silicon material industry base” and “China Solar Building City” base advantage, Xingtai planned total area of 25 square kilometers of new energy industry base, the introduction of Crystal Dragon Group produce 36 million large-diameter low oxygen and carbon silicon chip, Hebei, Hiromi An annual output of 60,000,000 when the lithium battery, Shenzhen Qingfeng thin film solar cells, solar modules and solar Shenzhen positive electricity generating photovoltaic demonstration project with 16 new energy projects to settle a total investment of 5.8 billion , production output will reach 7.0 billion the year after next.

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