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Yung Sheng Exports Firmly In Global Sales Of The Original Ecological Refrigerator – Hisense Kelon,

Sweeping the world Financial Storm, in our country Refrigerator Export business has brought tremendous pressure, but also created great opportunities. Yung-Sheng is in the global financial turmoil to seize the opportunities, the United Nations

Energy Star products to achieve a global hot, and pull a full line of products
Sell High-speed growth. Latest statistics from the Customs data: from January to July this year, China’s total exports refrigerator fell 10.26% year on year, the situation is not optimistic. In contrast,

Hisense Kelon (Rongsheng) refrigerator exports 1.444 million units, tops the whole industry, but up 17.28% year on year growth in export sales to a “down” sound, called a miracle!

According to Hisense Kelon (Rongsheng) Refrigerator person in charge of export business by the global financial turmoil, China’s refrigerator industry this year, exports suffered. Access to Customs statistics showed that from January to July this year, total exports fell seriously refrigerator industry, which exports five top-ranking brand, the biggest decline in nearly a 30% year on year. Hisense Kelon industry benchmark as the implementation of creative projects, which allow sound refrigerator design, process quality levels, production efficiency, cost control and so on have been greatly improved, even from around the world to measure, also called “industry benchmarking “in the international market and further enhance the competitiveness. Many foreign market downturn in order to seek a breakthrough, had to select partners, re-selection in the international market truly competitive products, and have turned to Hisense Kelon and forge new strategic partnerships. Therefore, in the gloomy economic environment, Hisense Kelon refrigerator exports rise, not fall, high-speed growth. Among them, the United Nations Energy Star refrigerators allow sound, the original eco-series refrigerator, in the most favored foreign investors.

Yung Sheng refrigerator R & D center official told reporters, Yung-Sheng refrigerator has been committed to the refrigerator and use cutting-edge technology research and development, in technological innovation has created many industry firsts, such as China’s first two-door refrigerator, the world The first self-induced energy-efficient refrigerators, the world’s first discrete multi-cycle refrigerator. In the energy-saving technologies, to the United Nations in 2003 Energy Star refrigerators exclusive award winning project as a symbol, sound volume jumped globally. This year, the volume is a fifth generation of acoustic energy star refrigerator, Japanese consumption of 0.25 degrees, than the subject of a new national energy efficiency energy efficient products 50% less power than the energy efficiency of Europe’s highest level of A + + product also saving 40%, is consumers at home and abroad can buy products with the lowest power consumption, called the global “energy champion.”

Energy Star refrigerators put the fifth generation of overseas market, are keen to energy saving
Environmental protection Are in hot pursuit of rapid sales growth in the international market star.
Allow another trump sound products “Original” series of refrigerators are also European and American markets shine.

Sound in the refrigerator’s contents
Gallery to see the original eco-refrigerator interior, red, blue, yellow three-color light flash alternately, a wonderful combination of changing the colors of the room, very interesting: This is the content unique to the colors of the sound of the refrigerator Fresh technical support photosynthesis. The technology through a variety of shade alternating irradiation to simulate natural photosynthesis, can greatly extend the fruit and vegetable preservation. According to testing, the sound of the original eco-3 refrigerator capacity, the cabbage, carrots preservation period could last up to 5 months, compared with ordinary refrigerator, longer shelf several times.

Unique quality of products, good food consumers in Europe and America to meet the stringent nutritional requirements fresh, original sound ecological capacity refrigerator sales climbing higher and higher.

It is understood that allow sound refrigerators in the domestic market has held up quite well. In Yee latest statistics show that from January to July 2009, three high-capacity voice refrigerator sales rose 308.5 percent, sales growth, the top five brands in the industry, retaining its position as the first.

To industry: domestic and international markets are demonstrating significant growth in volume of product competitiveness acoustic refrigerator. National Day Golden Week this year, launched a 5-8 voice volume discount and six heavy manners strong promotion policies, will become the preferred National market consumers, continues to lead the world refrigerator market.

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