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Zhang Jianmin Ecological Security Is Related To The Overall Interests Of Building A Harmonious

Reporter recently on the protection of ecological security and building a harmonious society issues, interviewed Balin Right Banner of Chifeng City environmental protection bureau Zhang Jianmin, said ecological safety concerns the overall situation of building a harmonious society.

Zhang Jianmin said, “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, storied in from the agricultural to an industrial economy in transition. How to develop the economy, but also protecting the environment, is faced with a serious environmental sector issues. First of all, the leadership should pay attention to publicity

. As a local government level, not only pay attention to economic indicators, but also to pay attention to indicators of social development, cultural indicators, resources, and environmental indicators; to increase investment to promote economic growth, but also increased investment in resources and environment protection. To report regularly to the competent environmental protection long flag, to them the central government, autonomous regions and other higher-level environmental protection departments of the principles, policies, advocacy of environmental protection laws and regulations, and report the occurrence of environmental affairs for the local government level grasp of global environmental trends, understand the situation and the Environment to effectively enhance their sense of responsibility and mission of environmental protection, environmental protection with economic construction must not be opposed or separated, but not at the expense and environmental cost of economic development. Second, we must strictly implement environmental protection, right of approval, strictly enforce the “EIA” and environmental approvals and construction projects of “three simultaneous” system, the better the environment the entry. Requires that all mining points to apply for the “EIA” procedures, serious damage to the ecological environment of the mining points, be closed down. Retired in the project, requested its planned mining area for backfill and restoration. In railway construction, carried out on the rail along the gravel plant, dug plants, sand plants and living area to take such temporary works of environmental monitoring and management, regulate their production and emission behavior. Third, to the right flag “ecological legislation flag” strategy as an opportunity to improve the ecological protection in rural pastoral areas, to ensure the ecological security of the rural pastoral areas. Implementation of state support “three rural” policy, in accordance with the “production, prosperous life, civilization, clean and tidy village green, and democratic management” requirements, in-depth implementation of the “ecological legislation flag” strategy, continue to implement grazing year round combined with seasonal grazing, development of ecological agriculture and animal husbandry, development of new eco-industries, strengthen ecological construction achievements, promote regional economic development. Of national key ecological projects as the basis, to develop green industry, and explore ways of ecological wealth, to ensure environmental safety are not violated. Fourth, and related departments to strengthen cooperation and management. Achieve multi-sectoral joint law enforcement to carry out various acts of ecological destruction and ecological remediation handling of the case law, so that ecological destruction homeless. Five capacity building to strengthen environmental protection team, to build a high-quality eco-environmental monitoring and environmental management team. Do sound the alarm bell to ensure that relevant laws and regulations and policies are implemented. [Key words]: Ecology Environmental protection Economy Comment Large In Small

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